I just watched this film, it's a homosexual movie which merely its title interested me to take the trouble to watch it.

amphetamine cover

For the first 30 minutes I kept telling myself why did I waste my time watching this movie? It did not really grab my attention, but I kept watching it since I had nothing better to do. It has plenty of gay nudity inside which may disgust some people, but I find it bearable still.

It's about a story of a gay guy meeting a straight addict which for some reason managed to turn him slightly gay and then become straight again and then I don't know what anymore. There are some parts that confuse me, like why did the gay guy have sex with a lady, and how could the lady just forgive the straight guy after he raped her, and stuff like that.

But the weird thing is after I'd finished watching the film, I got emotional. Not to say boohoo emotional, but quite strong to affect my gaming routine. When I thought about a sentence said in the movie, my mood got affected.

It says 没有戒不了的毒,只有戒不了的爱, which is quite contradicting to what happened in the story cause I presume that the drug addict did not manage to get rid of his dependent towards amphetamine, and then in the end he just jump down from the bridge and committed suicide (which I think is caused by the hallucination after taking the drug). So I guess 毒 and 爱 can hardly be given up. Sigh I don't know why, but whenever I think of the sentence which does not tally with the storyline, I will get moody. WEIRD. Anyway there are plenty of abstracts in this movie which leaves the spectator to have their own imagination.

Maybe I'm sad cause they both couldn't get together, maybe it's cause of the bad ending, maybe it's the drug addiction, or the rape incident, but who knows, even I don't know. I still have 1 question though, to the drug addict, why did you commit suicide? It's a question that can never be answered since I'm not a friend of the producer or something lol.

Bangkok - Pattaya - Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai

Went to Thailand on the 4th of December till the 11th, a total of 8 days 7 nights trip. Considered quite long of a duration since it's just Thailand.

At first I really didn't wanna go. More like my mom forced me to cause she was kinda forced to go herself too, just to take care of my grandparents, and she said like she will be sleeping with another stranger in the same room cause no one is following her and kasihan stuff like that so I decided to follow her anyways.

And then I cried on the plane, cause of the small small things that happened from the airport to boarding the plane which caused me to stress up. And the lady sitting in front of me without any courteous looked at me thinking wtf is wrong with this selfish teen (that's what I assumed), and I stared back at her cause she stared at me first.

Fortunately they serve red wine on the plane and I drank 4 cups and mabuk mabuk when we reached Bangkok and I pushed the trolley of luggage in zigzag motion @.@

I couldn't really exactly remember what happened throughout the 8 days because I was too lazy to jot down and once I came back I was lazy to update my blog immediately too so.. I forgot.

One of the dogs in the temple, they are everywhere, but this 1 is particularly cute~

Kacau-mengacau hehe

The long neck woman selling scarves

And the family

Seal dancing~ It looks quite lame in the photo but they were so obedient kay!

Dolphins jumping loop. Also very geng but cannot be expressed much in this photo cause in real life that loop was so high up in air

Elephant kicking football, the Thais sure know how to train animals, what animals haven't they trained before?

Bai posey somemore

Elephant drawing tree, wow

Elephant riding a specially-made-for-it bike

Man standing on standing elephant

The white temple in somewhere, bought a new sunglasses~

The garden near the King's mom's house somewhere



Bangkok viewed from the 88th floor of the tallest building which I kinda forgot its name

The coral beach~

Paragliding and that's me, was hoping the photographer can have a bigger shot cause I really tried hard posing from the sky. Look at my artistic legs!

This is a fake Lady Gaga, actually a Man Gaga

Yup is the famous agua

So beautiful can't really tell the difference, another Thai's speciality


There are so many other photos in my phone but for some reason my pc is pms-ing so I can't transfer them into my pc, and now my bluetooth mouse cannot be detected as well so I am very bik qik now.


And the results were finally out. It's totally out of what I'd predicted previously based on my method of studying. I just got a mere passing grade for all of my subjects. Not a credit, not even higher, just a pass.

'Well, as long as you passed, that's all that matter', people would usually tell me this to comfort me, but deep down somewhere there's this little voice that says 'it's not okay to just pass, aim higher!', and yeap, that should be the reality of life. Passing the course is not an option, getting a good grade is.

Unless if I don't plan to further my studies anymore and just stick to Bachelor of Science, yes just passing may be the minimal requirement, but what if I plan to pursue dentistry, or maybe physiotherapy? It's now not the matter of passing or not. The requirements are tremendous. They need an overall D grade to at least be able to apply, and that's not a guaranteed 100% enrollment too, and D stands for distinction, not that D grade we used to hear in primary or secondary schools.

So in UQ, a mere pass stands for the grade of 4. I got three 4s. 444. I hit the jackpot, but not 777 (HD), I got 444(P).

Just went to a gathering and heard quite a number of my friends talking about getting good grades and stuff. Yea I should congratulate them, but at the same time I wanna find a hole and hide myself and never come back out again and hopefully someone will fill up the hole with soil together with me or something.

What I cannot stand most is when someone gets a better grade than I am and kept complaining that they should get a higher grade. It's like getting a 90% out of 100 and questioning themselves why can't they get 100%. I don't mind that they have that thought because everyone should aim high, but why complain to me when I myself already feel like dying, do you want me to cheer you up? What about me? Who's cheering me up?

Sometimes people have problem but they themselves forget that other people too have their own problems.

Anyway let's just hope that I will get a better score in my 3rd year and hopefully everything will go according to plan. Ups and downs, they're just parts of life.

I just smelt my bro's crap


Anyway today we initially planned to have a paintball activity in the afternoon. However as we reached TTsports, the person in charge said that they are doing maintenance on the paintball stuff throughout the week. So lucky for us to choose that particular day eh? So in the end we decided to just head to Sunway Pyramid for bowling.

And gosh was my bowling skill sucked, I totally returned what I'd learned during high school to my friends. I'm so sorry. I just scored 32 marks for it. I hope that only applies for my bowling and not the semester results I will be receiving tomorrow.

To think that I once scored 107. So ironic.

肺话 废话

在这一个繁忙的社会, 往往想停一步吸口气放松一下都难.
但最让人痛苦的一见件事, 就是听人家讲废话.

Okay typing Chinese is really damn hard so I resort to just finish this post with a mix of Chinese and English. What I hate most (and there is such a person in my family which means I will have to deal with his crap until either one of us leaves the house or dies) is people talking 废话. By 废话 I don't mean those crap that makes you chuckle or something. There are surely many types of 废话, I am no expert in analyzing how many types there are but I can surely differentiate them into 2 categories, the ones that makes you ROFLMAO and the ones that annoys the shit out of you. Unfortunately, today I had to deal with the 2nd 废话.

Okay let's use my brother as a subject. So once he went to the toilet, and then he realized the light was not switched off, and he presumed that I was the one who didn't turn it off (I'm sure he had done 1000^793494 times forgetting to switch off the lights but I'm just too lazy to deal with his shit and start a fight with him so I'll usually let him be, but this is another topic to be discussed so I'll move forward to today's topic about 废话). Then he went and confronted me about the toilet light because his life is too free and he wanted to start a fight or something.

So now the 废话 comes in. He asked me 'why do you always forget to switch off the lights?' Can anyone tell me how to reply to this 废话? I surely couldn't, so I kept silent. And then came another shot of 废话. 'Why do I not hear a reply?'

Mad stupid I wanna smack his face. He was actually expecting a fucking answer from his 废话!!!! Actually if you interpret (it's a no brainer) his 1st 废话, he had already answer the question by himself.

'Why do you always forget to switch off the lights?'


This is the problem of our society I tell you! The pollution has made our lungs so full of crap and we started to crap 废话 out! Okay I don't know how to end this post already, so I'll just embed a video about 废话lization.

Done~ 1 more paper and I'll be a free man =)))


Got inspired by one of my friends to reminisce the past. So I might as well jot down my past since I might just forget everything one day.

Kindergarten (I only write down what I remembered and who knows it might not be exactly what had actually happened) :
Slept in the bus once and forgot to bring my bag home.
Lost my exercise book and found it under the car seat when mom was sending me to kindergarten, and got punished by teacher for not doing the work assigned.
Not willing to be punished and shouted in class, and that lady dragged me to another class and locked me in there. =/
Got my chicken pox when an infected kid went to school, subsequently everyone in the house got it too.
Got beaten by another teacher when I started drawing before everyone does.

Standard 1:
Got beaten when forgot to bring Chinese textbook, had to read the passage even while crying.
Got slapped by a kid in school.
Got bullied by a kid (at this point I realized I had not have one pleasant memory storing in my brain at all)

Every time when something happens to me, I will always tend to remember the one that has a negative impact on myself. It is as though my life is a mess but in fact it's not. There are definitely people out there who lead a terrible life, like x10000 more terrible than mine. I'm so selfish! *Punches myself*

I should store unpleasant AS WELL AS pleasant memories because they are equally precious. For example I brought 5 different flavors of 'My beauty diary' mask, an eye cream, a BB cream. Those are good stuff lol. I also got myself a new phone, and I have the chance to study in Aussie, that's a good thing too.

So I guess I'll continue my memory post another day, or maybe never since they are all bad memories =/

Lil update

Picture post before resuming back to my studies!

Saw the mannequin wearing this shirt and my first thought was omg so nice but can I wear it with style? Was reluctant to go into the shop because it seemed expensive but I was wrong! Didn't buy it anyway cause I was poor =(

I particular like the white version better but they didn't have the M size. So I tried the black one instead and I still love max because of that tie~ so cute xD

Fake models lol

Playing with friend's glasses while having tutorial~

More playing~~~ I like the full framed one better

Done! Back to study T_T

New Haircut

Yet again. But this time I love my haircut! Finally it's been awhile since I had a haircut which I don't need other people to tell me whether it looks shitty or nice or whatever because I LOVE IT!

Wondering aimlessly while doing physiology lab report.

So short! but me love~

Pretending to work on my report

More pretending xD

On the other hand, my 2nd year's 2nd semester is coming to an end. Today I just finished my last genetics essay wuuhoo. Now what is left is just the 5th genetics MCQ and I am done with all the science assignments. Unfortunately I was told to remember that I took business management, which means I still have a quiz and an essay waiting to be completed. Sucks max.

And I am so demotivated to start my studies although the first paper will commence on the 8th of November. Sigh, maybe I'm getting too old for studies -.-


Sometimes you just get jealous over nothing in other people's point of view but somehow to you is a hell lot of a big matter. You know what I mean? I guess no one knows.

Now I can't really differentiate the feelings I am having right now. Is it jealousy? Is it tiredness? Am I emo? I no longer know. Maybe it's a combination of these stuff which lead to some other emotional disorder or whatever.

For some reason, some other people's problem eventually integrated into my brain which caused me to think otherwise of myself. Like for example one of my friends suddenly out of no where went into a relationship with another person whom I don't know, then I kinda like think to myself 'wow lucky for him' because just that other day he just told me that he was very sad other another person whom he likes, which is a totally different person from the one he's with now. Then I started thinking to myself when was the last time I had been in a relationship with someone. Oh right it was a year ago. Time sure passes so quickly that now that I realized I am not long away from early adulthood. Haih then that depresses me.

好听一点就是缘分还没到, 难听一点就是缘分早已过.

I know la. It's very stupid and shallow to think about how long have I been single and when will my time come. Or maybe it had passed long long time ago? -.-

I don't know. Shouldn't a typical friend be wishing them all the best for maintaining this relationship and stuff? And why am I getting jealous over such thing which leads to my emoness and then making me tired? I'm such a self-centered person.

In other words I get jealous over other people's puppy love, but I myself want to have a stable long term relationship. I am so in dilemma, get what I mean? Part of me is dry and part of me is wet.

If I keep on writing I will not know what I am writing anymore cause even what I wrote just now can hardly be understood so I should stop right now.

Annoying excel

Currently using the old windows vista. Had massive problems with my excel 2007. Apparently it keeps stop responding as soon as I open an excel file. Besides, after I've done my work and saved it, and once I clicked the 'close' button, it stopped responding too. Wtf.

The following is the error details I extracted out:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: EXCEL.EXE
Application Version: 12.0.6535.5002
Application Timestamp: 4bd2a7f1
Fault Module Name: OLEAUT32.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18005
Fault Module Timestamp: 49e037da
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000046b0
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 1028

Additional information about the problem:
LCID: 1033
Brand: Office12Crash
skulcid: 1033

Update: I've sent an email to Dell asking what is exactly happening and here's what they replied to me:

Thank you for your reply.

The reported issue happen too long ago and it is not advisable to perform system restore in this case.

I would suggest to backup all data and reinstall the Windows, due to the registry is currupted and cause error when launching the MS Excel and Word.

So I guess the only thing I can do now is to reformat my pc? What a brilliant suggestion.

The most annoying person I've ever met

... in the theater that is. I'd been annoyed by people sitting behind me, because they kicked my seat, or the worst case scenario, resting their feet on my head rest. I'd also been annoyed by people sitting next to me, because their breath sometimes can kill. But, never before in my life have I met someone who sits 2 seats away from me is able to annoy me, until today...

So it happened on a lovely Sunday, where everyone was happily relaxing, recharging their energy after a long week of hard work; my parents decided to bring me along to midvalley to shop for luggage bags, and just drop by to watch a decent movie.

We chose to watch 翡翠明珠 because lam foong is in the movie ZOMG. And we happily chose seat numbers A01, A02, A03 just so that no one would be sitting behind us. So we can now avenge by kicking their seats repeatedly hohoho (we never did, I swear!).

Out of a sudden, dad stood up, whispered to mom and proceeded to find a new place to sit since there were plenty of empty spaces available. I was wondering why at 1st. And I quickly found out. The dude who sat at A04 is crap. I duno but I cannot find any other words that can match him other than crap or shit.

Diagram showing the distance between crap and me. I was at A01 and he was at A04.

The very 1st thing I heard was a loud BURP. Then I think to myself 'o..kay.. maybe he sliped while he was trying to burp silently'. Then the 2nd thing I heard was his demonic laugh. Okay it's a comedy film but if you really watch it it wasn't THAT funny. Not that I don't allow him to laugh but hoi, need to laugh that loud or not. And it's not those 'haha' laugh, but those 'huuuuu huuu huuuuuu' + deep voice laugh omg I really wanna kill him. And that was not it, the most annoying part was, he read the subtitle out! HELLO YOU ACTING AR NOW! Why the hell would you wanna repeat what the actors/actresses say??? FUCKING DULAN

Imagine that: burp + laugh + read subtitle aloud. Repeat burp + laugh + read subtitle aloud x20 times.

Even Barney from The Simpsons is better than him, or equally bad, I duno.

Once the movie ended we quickly exited cause every second being in the same room with him increases our killer instinct. NOT HAPPY!

As a conclusion, doesn't mean you can avoid annoying people by sitting at the furthest seat you can. If crap people are present in the same cinema room, they will somehow be able to fuck up the whole cinema. Regardless of where he sits. Position is no longer a factor.

That reminds me why I don't like to watch movie in the cinema.. =(

Should I thank god that he didn't fart?

Losing part of my wisdom 2

After a week. Stitches removed. Asked doctor whether if I could remove the other side of my wisdom teeth or not. I was lucky to have both my upper wisdom teeth intact, seems that they do not pose any threat to my mouth. Another 2 doses of LA and the left side of my face got numbed.

Wasn't as bad as the old one I pulled last time, this took only a short period of time. And the doctor only had to cut a piece of it in order to successfully remove the bugger. Stitched and done. I bit the gauze harder than before just so that the wound will stop bleeding faster. It worked, and to my surprise, this time my face wasn't swollen at all. 2 days passed and it doesn't feel as though I had one tooth missing at all. Very satisfied. Take that inflammation causing pathogens ,,|,,

This one looks even worse than the previous one. I can see the crown starting to decay oh my lady.

Grand total. RM1k gone. Luckily the doctor didn't charge for removing the stitches T_T

Half Fat

I feel like posting my photo because I look funny right now.

Half swollen face, macam symptom before 中风 (coma) LOL
Looks like bunny's fat face =D

On the other hand I colored my hair like 10 minutes ago. Although it claimed that it is lighter than the previous color, but it seemed to me there were no differences.

Guess you can't rely on DIY home dye pack if you want a more intense color.

Losing part of my wisdom 1

Today, I had one of my wisdom teeth removed. Everything was cool and fine initially, and suddenly the atmosphere changed as the nurse called my name. Walked into the room, and the nurse chatted with me, calming me down while telling me she had all her wisdom teeth removed at one shot. The bravery, how did she eat while having pain on both sides of her mouth?

Bring a reader of Xiaxue's blog, I remembered that she showed photos of her removed wisdom teeth. They weren't in complete pieces ; they were shattered. Okay maybe cut into smaller pieces. And that terrified me. Removed 4 of my teeth last time while doing braces, I never witness any cutting of tooth in order to pluck it out before. Surely damn horrifying.

And so I decided, to remove one side at a time. It has disadvantage and advantage too. The good thing? I still have one side of my teeth functioning so that I can still eat; and the bad thing? I have to visit the dentist for 1 freaking more round.

I closed my eyes while the doctor was checking my tooth, at least I thought he was checking my tooth. But I felt a sting on my gum. He already started injecting anesthetic into my gum. And the second shot came right after that. The nurse instructed me to rinse my mouth. It was bloody, I never thought injecting something would make me bleed that much, or at least I'd forgotten.

I was having my eyes shut most of the time during the procedure. I did open once in a while. The first time I saw the doctor taking piece of the tooth out from my mouth. And then I closed my eyes, opened again, I saw him stitching the wound with needle and thread. The sewing motion looked so scary, it's like u take a needle and poke into the flesh and sew it close.

And done. RM500 gone. After the anesthetic effect wore off, I could feel my face getting swollen, like after eating heaty food. The only difference is that it is painful. Next week I will have my stitches remove. Dunno how much will the doctor charge me again. Damn this career is so rewarding!

PS: Going karaoke tomorrow. Don't even know how am I going to open my mouth FML.


And so, finally after refusing to walk into the saloon for 7 months, I'd decided to cut my hair. At first that stylist asked if I wanna cut it or just trim it, and I asked my friend's opinion and so I decided to give my hair a cut. And I never thought it would end up like that.

That dude promised me he would give me a normal yet 'stylish' haircut but when I got back home everyone was like 'omg what have you done to your hair???'. Well, in a bad way of course, or else I wouldn't be unhappy. This hairstyle makes me inferior, this hairstyle makes me unhappy, this hairstyle makes people laugh at me, and this hairstyle embarrasses me. Sure, maybe it looks good after having to apply chunks of clay and tonnes of spray, but that means I would have to do all that just before stepping out of the doorstep. I AM NOT HAPPY!

After 7 months of not visiting the saloon and now I get is this? If that's the case I would rather people mistaken me as a girl than having them commenting on my tedious hair.

Okay I'm starting to get a little confused cause my good friend thinks that it looks fine but all my other family members think it sucks.

I miss my long hair =(

My blurgh haircut

Without styling it looks like this.

Somehow I think this looks cute. I think pictures can't tell how exactly it looks like. Anyway since I already cut it might as well just live with it right? Somehow this topic is so debatable. I don't wanna care anymore.


Warning: Hateful post.
And note: You've been warned.
Word count: 792. See, you can always write longer when you're emotionally disturbed.

That night, my friend wanted to video chat with me. So while I was chatting, my bro shouted from his room saying it was too loud, then I turned it down, and then he said it was still too loud, and then I turned it down more, and then he came to my room with the dulan look and said something like 'if you wanna turn your speaker loud, use earphone instead'. I then asked him for earphone cause I don't have one, then he said 'use your own earphone', and I said I don't have one. He then walked away without acknowledging me.

Okay I was wrong in this case because I shouldn't on the speaker for that loud at night, but then I still feel angry for him being so dulan at me. Since he already suggested a solution to solve the problem, why don't he lend me his earphone? Wasn't he contradicting himself? Although I said I was angry, but my actual feeling was in fact sad. I don't know why that I was sad, I just felt that way. Maybe it was because he ignored me while I asked for his earphone? But that doesn't matter to anyone anyway, because it is me who is having those feeling, not others.

So I told my friend to chat next time because I was emotionally disturbed, and she could see my facial expression changed 180 degree.

I know sometimes it is hard to live under the same roof with others, but we tolerate anyways, tolerate their flaws, and stuff like that. But lately I just felt that they are getting overboard. Okay fine, they want me to do this, I did. They don't want me to do that, I obeyed. But whenever I tell them something they did that I'm not happy about, they will answer me 'If you don't like what I did, why not change it back yourself?'. And instead of them obeying me, I did what they said instead.

Like for instance, the shower nozzle should normally be hanging on top. And for some reason every time after my brother used it, it would be on the floor. So I was the one who attach it back all the time. One day I went into his room asking why is it that every time he showered, the nozzle would be on the floor. I was expecting that he would say something like he would put it back next time, but instead he said 'if you don't like it that way, you can put it back yourself'. Like HELLO, I wasn't the one removing it from its original space why would I be the one who attach it back? But I still did it anyway, because I am going to use it next, not him.

And he was the one who came out with the idea of covering the drainage hole with a tile so that at night, cockroaches couldn't enter the bathroom through the drainage system. And he pass this noble task of covering that hole every night to me. Seriously, why can't you close the hole when you see that it's not covered, and leave every job to me? Obviously sometimes I will forget, and is it that hard to just cover up the hole when you see that I didn't cover it? Plus I wasn't always the last one showering so whenever he showers late at night, I would have to cover that hole for him as well. And I couldn't not cover it because I am scared of cockroaches.

I always tell myself that it's just half more year, half more year later I will be out of this house. Although I will still be coming back after finishing my studies in Australia, but at least I get to leave this house. I don't know how my future housemates will act, will they be worse, or will they be better? But that's the risk worth taking. I know you guys will not see this post but, I'm sick of you. I've been having the same feeling throughout these years, but you don't seem to notice because you are just too self centered.

Okay this has officially became my 1st hate post about my family. But wtv. Life is not just a bed of roses, and even though it is, that bed of roses will still have thorns on it.

Comments disallowed because I don't want some ppl leaving craps like 'oh you are just a spoiled brat who thinks too much' or 'maybe you did something to them that is worse than what they did to you'. These are just my rants and I've already warned you so yea.

Still Alive

I notice that I'd disappeared from blogging for the past weeks, or month? All thanks to the sudden burst of assignments.

So firstly I thought after finished with the biomed and micro report write-up I would be a free man. But noooo, those were just an indication of the start of the shit ass assignment month. We had biochem and biology and biomed write-up due at the same day, which was mad crazy we even begged the biomed lecturer to postpone the write-up so that we could concentrate on those two shits. And fortunately, he did, so after finishing biochem and biology, I rushed through to finish the biomed write-up only to realize that my marks has downgraded as compared to the first write-up I did. Anyways that was not the end of it, micro has another report due at the same week, which contributed my sleepless nights.. Just when I thought everything is over, we were required to hand in the micro lab notebook for marking, and that was worth 5% total, which is crap because obviously my notebook is shit, and that means that I have to redo another new notebook for it and make it look old. So while doing I kept scrolling the book so that it doesn't look new. What a drama.

Phew, even typing that paragraph above makes me sigh. But I am glad that everything is over, or is it...

Obviously it is not over yet. Still got finals ma. But I'm still glad that there will be no assignments for this semester anymore.

I've lost contact with the movie world for the whole month I only know there's a movie called Prince of Persia? Nevertheless I haven't watched it yet. Instead bgf and I opt for the movie 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' because my mom said that it's good (she's a fan of horror and thriller).

And seriously, it was scarier than 'Orphan'. The weird thing was that we were apparently the only 2 people who screamed and shouted, everyone else just seemed so calm. Not scary mehhh??? Boo =|

Anyway I remembered seeing this movie before, then after watching for 10 minutes I realized 'The Simpsons' did a parody of this movie in Season 7.

The Simpsons - Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace - View more free videos

So that explains why it looked so familiar.. Although I still like the original version rather than a parody.

I should be writing more frequently after my finals, or at least I hope.. Honestly it's gonna be a tough week next week =(

Past Week's Happening

Spent my one week time to finish my microbiology report. It was actually a compilation of 5 practicals. In the end I utilized all the time given, submitted last minute via turnitin (a stupid anti-plagiarism program developed by someone who everyone hates), thinking 'die lo dunno they still accept or not leh, already past the submission time for 2 minutes dee!'

Anyway managed to submit after passed the submission time. Walau heart beat like max, like decoding bomb like that -.-

Although did submit, didn't manage to cite everything used. Now I know doing reference list takes such a long time. Next time should use lesser source.

My bed the day before submission. Didn't sleep for the whole night, like 24 hour McD.

The last practical session for biochemistry. Thanks much to my lab partners =))
But the report is not submitted yet ><

Biomedical practical. Stuck electrodes on the hand to measure the electrical activity. Aih, everything I talked about revolves around practical sessions. What to do, nerd ma.

And I look like a girl in the last photo. Yes? No?

A Time for Breath, but Emo

It was a busy week. Well, not really. Having to submit a report in a week's time is no biggie compared to those who have to hand in 6 assignments once their 2 week holiday ends. Too bad it was a scientific report, which I had to include junks of terms that I'm not very sure what they actually mean. That aside, one of my group mates were so hardworking (or in the Malaysian's term: kiasu) she asked us to search for journals relating to our objective of the report, even before the start of the experiment. Funny, if you don't know what variables are you using how could you search a specific journal? But neeway I'm totally fine with that idea, until I got sick.

I had a severe stomachache, which pain was periodic. But once it comes, I couldn't even walk. I suspected food poisoning. My friend thought it was gastric, but it didn't get any better once the gastric pills were taken, it was confirmed.

The next day, I had a fever. I was freezing in the lab until the extent of wearing 2 lab coats. I could wake up in the middle of the night shivering once the medicine passed its time. How could I possibly cope with all these while having to submit the report? Medicine. The paracetamol I took for the past week were uncountable.

Luckily everything went down days before the dateline. And today was the official submission day. I could finally take a breath.

Ironically, I got a little emo for some reason. Typical reason. 'He has it, I oso wan~~'. Get the idea? Like small kids. I thought substituting something over the thing you want would decrease your temptation, but once the craving is there, it will remain, until you forget. As though substituting an apple with an orange. They are both fruits, but they're just different. Point of satisfaction? Zero. I also wan durian runtuh~~~

And when I wanna find someone to talk to, there is no one. Friday night and I'm alone. Okay la someone asked me out but I didn't sleep yesterday to finish my report so I declined.

Where are you when I need you the most, msn buddy?

Never Fails to Amaze Me

No matter how many times I baked a cake, be it butter, cheese, or sponge, it never fails to amaze me that how simple ingredients can transform into a cake.

Something as simple as eggs

After whisking for 5 minutes. Eh, why slightly whiter than the usual beaten eggs we use to cook scrambled eggs one?

After adding sugar and more whisking. Wtf even whiter, like snow white!

Add butter + flour, become the usual batter texture.

And pimply cake as a final product.

I still don't get why beating the mixture will change the texture and color one? Try mixing everything at once and bake without whisking and see if the end product is edible or not xD