Bangkok - Pattaya - Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai

Went to Thailand on the 4th of December till the 11th, a total of 8 days 7 nights trip. Considered quite long of a duration since it's just Thailand.

At first I really didn't wanna go. More like my mom forced me to cause she was kinda forced to go herself too, just to take care of my grandparents, and she said like she will be sleeping with another stranger in the same room cause no one is following her and kasihan stuff like that so I decided to follow her anyways.

And then I cried on the plane, cause of the small small things that happened from the airport to boarding the plane which caused me to stress up. And the lady sitting in front of me without any courteous looked at me thinking wtf is wrong with this selfish teen (that's what I assumed), and I stared back at her cause she stared at me first.

Fortunately they serve red wine on the plane and I drank 4 cups and mabuk mabuk when we reached Bangkok and I pushed the trolley of luggage in zigzag motion @.@

I couldn't really exactly remember what happened throughout the 8 days because I was too lazy to jot down and once I came back I was lazy to update my blog immediately too so.. I forgot.

One of the dogs in the temple, they are everywhere, but this 1 is particularly cute~

Kacau-mengacau hehe

The long neck woman selling scarves

And the family

Seal dancing~ It looks quite lame in the photo but they were so obedient kay!

Dolphins jumping loop. Also very geng but cannot be expressed much in this photo cause in real life that loop was so high up in air

Elephant kicking football, the Thais sure know how to train animals, what animals haven't they trained before?

Bai posey somemore

Elephant drawing tree, wow

Elephant riding a specially-made-for-it bike

Man standing on standing elephant

The white temple in somewhere, bought a new sunglasses~

The garden near the King's mom's house somewhere



Bangkok viewed from the 88th floor of the tallest building which I kinda forgot its name

The coral beach~

Paragliding and that's me, was hoping the photographer can have a bigger shot cause I really tried hard posing from the sky. Look at my artistic legs!

This is a fake Lady Gaga, actually a Man Gaga

Yup is the famous agua

So beautiful can't really tell the difference, another Thai's speciality


There are so many other photos in my phone but for some reason my pc is pms-ing so I can't transfer them into my pc, and now my bluetooth mouse cannot be detected as well so I am very bik qik now.


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