The F

It is time where blogging is the only way (well at least to me) to express your darkest feelings. Wasn't long ago since someone dropped the F bomb on me for an insignificant matter, and damn it was such a tiny thing that you can just laugh your ass off instead of being a total jerk, not cool mate.

And guess what happened to cause my own big bro (note: BIG bro) to verbally attack me? Game. Yes we were playing an online game. God I swear games are evil. We always get into fights while playing games. Never once I feel happy playing computer games with anyone, unless sports that wear off your muscles (cause you'll be too tired to even get mad lol).

So anyway, that incident happened like this:

2nd bro: This place is too hard to level.
Big bro: Don't go then
(After 2 minutes)
Big bro: Why didn't your 2nd bro suggest another place to level?
Me: Cause you didn't ask him.
Big bro: I did. Read what I'd written just now. (Referring to that "don't go then" sentence)
Me: Well to me that doesn't seem to be like a question. It sounds more like a sentence.
Big bro: Fuck you both. <------Wtf?

(He was expecting us to think the way he interpreted his own sentence. What he meant was actually "Don't go, then? Where else you gonna suggest?")

Yes. I know. Total random. Not to mention pathetic at the same time. It's you own fault for failing to type a simple question mark. One simple thing that will change the whole meaning of the sentence. Are question marks so hard to type???????????? Well I just typed 12 of them, doesn't look like I'm suffering from the carpal tunnel syndrome. And you dare to insult us verbally while clearly, it is your own fucking fault? I should be the one dropping the F word instead!

That I got pissed. Yet he dared to ask me why I was mad. Ah, I guess there really are no cure for stupidity.

I know it is inappropriate to type such things here because obviously it was a shit ass small matter but I just couldn't stand myself for letting such stupid thing to happen on myself, and that I should be blamed for letting him to get the chance to sabotage me.

But then, what are the ways to prevent this from happening? I couldn't possibly do anything since I'm the little brother, and it is funny to rant such thing to the mom saying that big bro's bullying me. That is just for little kids, and I'm not little anymore, and nor is my big bro, although somehow his attitude and state of mind tell me that he is not 26 years old.. So my only solution is to blog about it, just to remind myself that such silly things is still happening to me, a 20-year-old. What a mad world...


PS: I'm not sad. I think I'm starting to get used to this.. After all we've been living together for the past 20 years..
PPS: You're sane if you don't understand what I was ranting about. There was nothing to rant. I was ranting on air. -.-

Photoshop Craze

Since I was too free to just jump on the bed and go to sleep, I decided to stay awake in front of my lappy and hop through websites that make fun of people, and finally I played with photoshop until my bro woke up at 9am only 甘愿 sleep -.-



Shit I think I'm addicted to Avatar -.-
I want 1 toooooo T.T

New Hair Color!

So these few days I suddenly fatt hao wanna go and dye hair. Since classes are going to start real soon, I wanna change my look so that I will have a better year ahead (my vanity superstitious). BUT THEN! Dyeing hair in the salon equals to one word, super expensive (ok I lied, it's 2 words(wtf why am I becoming lamer 666)).

Thank god some genius invented something called a home hair dyeing kit that is f*cking cheap that you can use the same amount of money you pay your hairstylist and dye it yourself at home for 5 times (or more I bet).

Actually hor, the reason why I choose home dyeing kit is because my mom doesn't let me dye my hair for whatever reason. So, in order to have my hair dyed, I'll have to do it myself, i.e. driving to the salon and paying precious $$$ to satisfy my vanity. And since it's my own money, of course will become very kiam 1 la! Who doesn't? Okay maybe some rich old ah pek doesn't mind. But let's focus on me now shall we?

So on Sunday, I went to Caring Pharmacy and chose a color in about 10 minutes (have to be quick cause I was supposed to buy dinner back home so cannot delay too long fml). And I got myself Revlon ColorSilk color code 43 - Medium Golden Brown.

Then I pandai pandai went to shower clean clean to dye my hair, and when I started reading the instructions, it says that I should leave my hair un-shampooed for 24 hours before the dyeing process begins, which means I'll have to wait for another 24 hours wtf why was I so noob! Since I had so much time left I decided to do the allergic test so that I wont die of allergy when I dye my hair (die and dye in the same sentence, so ironic).

Allergic test 48 hours before coloring but too lazy to wait so I cut the time by half.

After 24 hours (okay definitely less than 24 hours)


Separated my hair, mad looks like a girl from the top -.-

And after. Looks slightly red in the photo. In real life it still looks like black unless under sunlight.

Boo! =D

And I have new hair color to start my school, which in fact, is tomorrow wtf (orientation, but still super dulan!!). Gonna go sleep nao!

Goodbye My Friend + Holiday

Went house hopping with my ex high school society members and at the same time 'celebrated' one of our friends' departure to Australia to further her studies. It was a happy + sad feelings for everyone, but mostly happy because we have seen too many friends went overseas already, so the feeling is not as intense anymore, numb liao.

One happy family =D
Now I notice my camera takes super blur photos.

Speaking of furthering studies, my course is going to start real soon, as soon as the beginning of March and the first Monday of the month so amazingly happens to fall on the 1st of March fol. Frankly, even though my holiday is superbly awesomely long, around 4 months (reallllly long), I still DON'T have the 'sien' feeling until I want the uni to reopen. When my uni mates told me they wanna go back to classes asap I was like wtf 生在福中不知福 later assignments like mountain and then you complain no holidays that time really fyl to the max. I just feel that my holiday has too much events until vomit blood, don't even have time to say sien, which is a good thing. =)

I think I should revise what I'd learn in my previous semester, but I'm just so not in the mood to flip open a book~ Aih so many excuses. Probably will do it next week (really a miracle even if I revise it next week) =S

A Guy Wearing Colored, Big Eyed Contact Lens?

I'd gotten my lenses last Friday but I was too lazy to post it (picture post also lazy wtf). But since I promised so I'm doing it right now see I so good keep my promise.

My Plano lenses. Guess what are their names!

They are nudy blue from Geo!

Anticipating for the 4 hours soaking process to past.

And they are finally in my eyes! With flash.

Without flash.

These are my first geo lenses. And according to one of my friends, geo lenses are normally thicker than other conventional lenses from the optical stores. But when I first held them in my hands I found out that they are actually thinner than my gng lens. So I was very surprised that these yearly lenses are quite soft. But as usual, I can still feel that the lenses are in my eyes, and it seems that I'm the only one who has this problem. So I'm guessing that it's because I'm a noob in wearing contact lenses. After 3 days of wearing them, the feeling slightly disappears now.

And in my opinion, the color does not really show under normal lighting. What can be observed is that there is a slight change in your eye color, not dramatic I would say. Sometimes the blue looks more like a gray. The color only will show when you're taking photo using the flash mode.

Some more they do not really follow the movement of my eyeballs. Whenever you are not looking forward (looking up or at the side), you will notice that the whites of your eyes are visible in your contacts.


So in my conclusion, this geo nudy is just mediocre. But I still like it anyway cause it's blue! Or else I wouldn't buy it if not for the color.

One last big ass photo of my eye.

And lastly happy chinese new year and happy valentine's day.

UPDATE: Okay I think the color is very dramatic now, and I'm starting to fall for it. So those review I made above was really based on personal opinion. You wouldn't know if you don't try them out. So just go ahead and try them =D

Genting Day 1 Day 2 Day3

My dad exchanged a room in the Highlands Hotel for a 3d2n trip in Genting. So wee~ Sekinchan is not my last holiday before the start of my semester wahaha! But it wasn't that great since it is Genting and this time I didn't go with my beloved friends.. So I think a post about it is already enough to talk about what happened (super biased).

Probably wondering what will happen to my exercising plan in order to lose weight? Sure will fail? Wrong! Before departing to Genting at 10am, I did my exercise at 9am for 30 minutes and showered. Impressed? In fact I really couldn't believe in myself, usually I would just 'aih once or twice doesn't matter' and eventually I will totally forget about my whole keep fit plan. I should really get myself a present haha but it's okay cause my dad brought us up to Genting!

Taken our lunch at Gohtong Jaya, dad proceeded to check in before going back to work (so cham! He only helped checking in for us yam goong). And my mom did her usual thing. Sleep. Yes, every time after checking in to a hotel she would doze off (except those trips that have tour guides). And since the room is equipped with a bathtub, I decided to soak for as long as I can! I didn't know how long I was in the tub, but it was awesome! Sometimes I think i get happy easily, pfftt.

Check my very first contact lenses! They are 3 months old from GNG BT03 gray. Freaking natural couldn't even see it unless under flash.

Self explanatory.

After that was just shopping (bought 3 shirt/t-shirt/polo shirt) and eating, and more bathing. HEHEHE. So that's the end of Day 1.

I ordered this because it looked very artificial!

Day 2 started off with us waking up at 10am. Couldn't really get to sleep and finally when I started to have the urge to sleep I was waken up. Grr how I wish I could sleep until 12pm. Mom picked up a call from dad and we decided to change this 3d2n trip to 2d1n trip cause there's nothing left for us to see. Don't ever mention theme park because apparently my family doesn't like to have fun at theme park.

After lunch we went to watch a movie before coming back down to KL. And on our way back I got a little car sick, felt uncomfortable and wanted to vomit, but I held on until we reached home. How come went back home only 水土不服 fml.

The low air pressure's fault. This was still okay but when you're going up to Genting it is a total different story. The high pressure in the container sometimes will force the fluid out. Like what happened to my BB cream. So wasteful T_T

At night my friend dropped by my house and passed me my new contact lenses! Very happy will blog about it later =)

I Can't Think Of A Title So I Named It 'Chapalang'

Today is definitely a good day because nothing bad is going on although it is a little annoying to listen to my brother singing in the shower while typing this post. Okay now he is shouting his song in his room wtf.

I tried setting my alarm at 8 o'clock in the morning to exercise in order to eliminate my body fat that has been accumulating for the past few weeks due to excessive gatherings (with nice irresistible oily fat greasy food, not to mention expensive and now my wallet is under malnutrition fml). But instead I snoozed my alarm gao gao until it gave up snoozing anymore and I continued sleeping until 3.00pm. Maybe my biological clock is not meant for Malaysia's time zone.

Still I did my exercise in the evening while watching Astro's Hitz channel's MTV. Some of the songs are just horrible in my opinion. After 40 minutes (with 35 minutes of fast pace walking and 5 minutes of jogging I know I am lousy I don't need anyone to remind me go away) exercising on a treadmill with my height increasing shoes (not from giraffe they are too expensive), I hope that it will bring my body weight down. Even it did not sound too intense for an exercise, but I did sweat a lot. So hopefully I am dedicated enough to continue my routine for the next 5 more days. Yes only for 5 more days before Chinese New Year hits. What? You think I will continue doing this for the rest of my life? Ha!

And I received an sms from my friend that my brand new contact lenses are already here! Finally I hear good news after so many weeks I'd ordered from her friend. Although only a pair arrived (I ordered 2 pairs), I still am very happy~! Will definitely show them off once I receive them from her.

Besides that I also received an sms from that guy whom I helped moving his house, saying that he needs my help to make an access card in order for him to move in and out easily in his new apartment. Don't you think he is going a little overboard? I feel that he is very dependent on me and sometimes it makes me feel frustrated. We agreed to be god brothers but I don't recall me asking him for any help, and now he is giving me loads of this crap. I am totally aware that he's working from 8 to 5 but just try your best to solve your own problem before asking any help from me okay? I have my own problems too! So I didn't reply his message not merely because of me getting a little pissed but also I didn't know what to reply to him. Haha!

Lastly I popped all the 4 pimples just cause I couldn't tahan anymore. I don't care that it will form scar later on, my face has so many scars already so wtv. I am still happy =)

What's Next

Woke up at 8am, accompanied by 4 extra pimples on my face wtf. I swear they popped out in just one bloody night, and yea they made my day alright (sarcasm). After that went out and helped my friend to move his house cause he did not feel happy living with filthy people. Managed to move everything in just two rounds, and in between that moving period he said that I always reject him whenever he asks me out for dinner, and literally said that it was my fault. So I kicked him in a playful way, and he went and said 'wow, you really went and kick me?' (Definitely not in a playful tone).

So I was like, dude I didn't know that you cannot take such things as a joke. Yea I know it was a small matter but heck, the tone itself is already enough to agitate me. No I didn't tell him how I felt because it was insignificant. Instead I just went like 'aiya you ar~' and patted him on the back. Yea I was very fake at that moment, but I did my best nonetheless to prevent any further complications.

Although he did treat me lunch, but that wouldn't stop me from saying that he is a weird fellow. Maybe I shouldn't go too near to him since he is already showing signs.

Oh and I bumped my car while reversing from the guard house because I went to the wrong exit. Luckily it was just the tire that bumped on the curb, nothing serious done. But one thing that made me unhappy was that the guard said that my driving skill sucked and at the same time pressing his hands on his forehead and shaking his head. I guess he will never believe that I have been driving for almost 2 years already fml.

Continued my day by going to celebrate my friends' birthdays in a restaurant. It was alright at first, and slowly I went into the moody state for no reason. It was not because no one was talking to me, they were all very friendly, but somehow the feeling gushed inside me for no apparent reason. Weird. But luckily it was at the last few minutes before everyone went back so I didn't spoil the mood. I can feel that it is just not my day.

Later I will be going to another friend's house to celebrate her birthday. Let's hope that no awkward moments will take place.

On the other hand I still need to end my day with a smile or else this post will be going against the objective of me having this blog. Argh I sound so contradicting. Maybe I shouldn't force myself. I think I'm going crazy so I'm ending this post NOW.

And so I didn't really enjoy the gathering. Even though they were not talking about politics but still I couldn't mix with them. Don't get me wrong, they are nice people, it is me who is problematic. So I spent most of my time blurring out and yawning my ass off. Luckily it wasn't my birthday so I have my rights to be bipolar, after all, today is not my day.

Sekinchan Day 2

I was typing my last post halfway and suddenly blogger gave me an error 400 report and I had to change to IE to finish up my post (luckily it had been auto-saved). I found out that IE could not cut and paste photos, you know? After uploading photos into the blog post sometimes we have to locate it at a specific area but IE only allows us to drag the photos instead of the typical cut and paste command. Sucks max. Or maybe it is only my IE? Anyway I could not care much about it.

Lying down aimlessly.

So everyone was able to wake up at 7 o'clock in the morning (surprisingly). And most of them had the same problem I faced, that is they could not completely fall asleep as the night goes by. Our mind just kept revert back to 'awake mode' every hour. Anyhow we felt refreshed nevertheless.

After breakfast, we went to the paddy field to catch some eels/belut/黄鳝. We managed to capture 2 of them after a long 2 hours, which means the quantity of eels has diminished since the past years.

Simple stuff: a long wood, string, hook and a bait to trick the innocent preys. Humans are just marvelous.

We had fun, and everyone was in shock when it finally managed to get hooked (no pun intended). That surely replenished our rural childhood life, and now we know what exactly our parents did while they were young and there were no gameboys or psp and stuff! Of course it became our lunch in the end =)

Chicken intestine as bait, free from the butcher.

From this.

To this.

Bathe and packed, we went to Bukit Melawati to view monkeys on our way back home. They are known as Silver monkeys and when they are young they are actually orange in color and as they grow then turn into a shiny gray, which makes them silver monkeys.

The orange monkey on the lamp post.

Spot the fake monkey xD

We did not manage to visit the beach at Pantai Remis and fly kites because it was late and going to rain anytime.

And we are back to city life once again!