Sekinchan Day 2

I was typing my last post halfway and suddenly blogger gave me an error 400 report and I had to change to IE to finish up my post (luckily it had been auto-saved). I found out that IE could not cut and paste photos, you know? After uploading photos into the blog post sometimes we have to locate it at a specific area but IE only allows us to drag the photos instead of the typical cut and paste command. Sucks max. Or maybe it is only my IE? Anyway I could not care much about it.

Lying down aimlessly.

So everyone was able to wake up at 7 o'clock in the morning (surprisingly). And most of them had the same problem I faced, that is they could not completely fall asleep as the night goes by. Our mind just kept revert back to 'awake mode' every hour. Anyhow we felt refreshed nevertheless.

After breakfast, we went to the paddy field to catch some eels/belut/黄鳝. We managed to capture 2 of them after a long 2 hours, which means the quantity of eels has diminished since the past years.

Simple stuff: a long wood, string, hook and a bait to trick the innocent preys. Humans are just marvelous.

We had fun, and everyone was in shock when it finally managed to get hooked (no pun intended). That surely replenished our rural childhood life, and now we know what exactly our parents did while they were young and there were no gameboys or psp and stuff! Of course it became our lunch in the end =)

Chicken intestine as bait, free from the butcher.

From this.

To this.

Bathe and packed, we went to Bukit Melawati to view monkeys on our way back home. They are known as Silver monkeys and when they are young they are actually orange in color and as they grow then turn into a shiny gray, which makes them silver monkeys.

The orange monkey on the lamp post.

Spot the fake monkey xD

We did not manage to visit the beach at Pantai Remis and fly kites because it was late and going to rain anytime.

And we are back to city life once again!


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