New Hair Color!

So these few days I suddenly fatt hao wanna go and dye hair. Since classes are going to start real soon, I wanna change my look so that I will have a better year ahead (my vanity superstitious). BUT THEN! Dyeing hair in the salon equals to one word, super expensive (ok I lied, it's 2 words(wtf why am I becoming lamer 666)).

Thank god some genius invented something called a home hair dyeing kit that is f*cking cheap that you can use the same amount of money you pay your hairstylist and dye it yourself at home for 5 times (or more I bet).

Actually hor, the reason why I choose home dyeing kit is because my mom doesn't let me dye my hair for whatever reason. So, in order to have my hair dyed, I'll have to do it myself, i.e. driving to the salon and paying precious $$$ to satisfy my vanity. And since it's my own money, of course will become very kiam 1 la! Who doesn't? Okay maybe some rich old ah pek doesn't mind. But let's focus on me now shall we?

So on Sunday, I went to Caring Pharmacy and chose a color in about 10 minutes (have to be quick cause I was supposed to buy dinner back home so cannot delay too long fml). And I got myself Revlon ColorSilk color code 43 - Medium Golden Brown.

Then I pandai pandai went to shower clean clean to dye my hair, and when I started reading the instructions, it says that I should leave my hair un-shampooed for 24 hours before the dyeing process begins, which means I'll have to wait for another 24 hours wtf why was I so noob! Since I had so much time left I decided to do the allergic test so that I wont die of allergy when I dye my hair (die and dye in the same sentence, so ironic).

Allergic test 48 hours before coloring but too lazy to wait so I cut the time by half.

After 24 hours (okay definitely less than 24 hours)


Separated my hair, mad looks like a girl from the top -.-

And after. Looks slightly red in the photo. In real life it still looks like black unless under sunlight.

Boo! =D

And I have new hair color to start my school, which in fact, is tomorrow wtf (orientation, but still super dulan!!). Gonna go sleep nao!


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