Goodbye My Friend + Holiday

Went house hopping with my ex high school society members and at the same time 'celebrated' one of our friends' departure to Australia to further her studies. It was a happy + sad feelings for everyone, but mostly happy because we have seen too many friends went overseas already, so the feeling is not as intense anymore, numb liao.

One happy family =D
Now I notice my camera takes super blur photos.

Speaking of furthering studies, my course is going to start real soon, as soon as the beginning of March and the first Monday of the month so amazingly happens to fall on the 1st of March fol. Frankly, even though my holiday is superbly awesomely long, around 4 months (reallllly long), I still DON'T have the 'sien' feeling until I want the uni to reopen. When my uni mates told me they wanna go back to classes asap I was like wtf 生在福中不知福 later assignments like mountain and then you complain no holidays that time really fyl to the max. I just feel that my holiday has too much events until vomit blood, don't even have time to say sien, which is a good thing. =)

I think I should revise what I'd learn in my previous semester, but I'm just so not in the mood to flip open a book~ Aih so many excuses. Probably will do it next week (really a miracle even if I revise it next week) =S


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