What's Next

Woke up at 8am, accompanied by 4 extra pimples on my face wtf. I swear they popped out in just one bloody night, and yea they made my day alright (sarcasm). After that went out and helped my friend to move his house cause he did not feel happy living with filthy people. Managed to move everything in just two rounds, and in between that moving period he said that I always reject him whenever he asks me out for dinner, and literally said that it was my fault. So I kicked him in a playful way, and he went and said 'wow, you really went and kick me?' (Definitely not in a playful tone).

So I was like, dude I didn't know that you cannot take such things as a joke. Yea I know it was a small matter but heck, the tone itself is already enough to agitate me. No I didn't tell him how I felt because it was insignificant. Instead I just went like 'aiya you ar~' and patted him on the back. Yea I was very fake at that moment, but I did my best nonetheless to prevent any further complications.

Although he did treat me lunch, but that wouldn't stop me from saying that he is a weird fellow. Maybe I shouldn't go too near to him since he is already showing signs.

Oh and I bumped my car while reversing from the guard house because I went to the wrong exit. Luckily it was just the tire that bumped on the curb, nothing serious done. But one thing that made me unhappy was that the guard said that my driving skill sucked and at the same time pressing his hands on his forehead and shaking his head. I guess he will never believe that I have been driving for almost 2 years already fml.

Continued my day by going to celebrate my friends' birthdays in a restaurant. It was alright at first, and slowly I went into the moody state for no reason. It was not because no one was talking to me, they were all very friendly, but somehow the feeling gushed inside me for no apparent reason. Weird. But luckily it was at the last few minutes before everyone went back so I didn't spoil the mood. I can feel that it is just not my day.

Later I will be going to another friend's house to celebrate her birthday. Let's hope that no awkward moments will take place.

On the other hand I still need to end my day with a smile or else this post will be going against the objective of me having this blog. Argh I sound so contradicting. Maybe I shouldn't force myself. I think I'm going crazy so I'm ending this post NOW.

And so I didn't really enjoy the gathering. Even though they were not talking about politics but still I couldn't mix with them. Don't get me wrong, they are nice people, it is me who is problematic. So I spent most of my time blurring out and yawning my ass off. Luckily it wasn't my birthday so I have my rights to be bipolar, after all, today is not my day.


hsiang said...

now u know y i named my blog "what's next?".

anything can happen so i just try to accept everything and hope that whatever's coming next will be better haha :P

Johann Law said...

Oh you sound so optimistic, I wish I could be like you.

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