Genting Day 1 Day 2 Day3

My dad exchanged a room in the Highlands Hotel for a 3d2n trip in Genting. So wee~ Sekinchan is not my last holiday before the start of my semester wahaha! But it wasn't that great since it is Genting and this time I didn't go with my beloved friends.. So I think a post about it is already enough to talk about what happened (super biased).

Probably wondering what will happen to my exercising plan in order to lose weight? Sure will fail? Wrong! Before departing to Genting at 10am, I did my exercise at 9am for 30 minutes and showered. Impressed? In fact I really couldn't believe in myself, usually I would just 'aih once or twice doesn't matter' and eventually I will totally forget about my whole keep fit plan. I should really get myself a present haha but it's okay cause my dad brought us up to Genting!

Taken our lunch at Gohtong Jaya, dad proceeded to check in before going back to work (so cham! He only helped checking in for us yam goong). And my mom did her usual thing. Sleep. Yes, every time after checking in to a hotel she would doze off (except those trips that have tour guides). And since the room is equipped with a bathtub, I decided to soak for as long as I can! I didn't know how long I was in the tub, but it was awesome! Sometimes I think i get happy easily, pfftt.

Check my very first contact lenses! They are 3 months old from GNG BT03 gray. Freaking natural couldn't even see it unless under flash.

Self explanatory.

After that was just shopping (bought 3 shirt/t-shirt/polo shirt) and eating, and more bathing. HEHEHE. So that's the end of Day 1.

I ordered this because it looked very artificial!

Day 2 started off with us waking up at 10am. Couldn't really get to sleep and finally when I started to have the urge to sleep I was waken up. Grr how I wish I could sleep until 12pm. Mom picked up a call from dad and we decided to change this 3d2n trip to 2d1n trip cause there's nothing left for us to see. Don't ever mention theme park because apparently my family doesn't like to have fun at theme park.

After lunch we went to watch a movie before coming back down to KL. And on our way back I got a little car sick, felt uncomfortable and wanted to vomit, but I held on until we reached home. How come went back home only 水土不服 fml.

The low air pressure's fault. This was still okay but when you're going up to Genting it is a total different story. The high pressure in the container sometimes will force the fluid out. Like what happened to my BB cream. So wasteful T_T

At night my friend dropped by my house and passed me my new contact lenses! Very happy will blog about it later =)


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