The most annoying person I've ever met

... in the theater that is. I'd been annoyed by people sitting behind me, because they kicked my seat, or the worst case scenario, resting their feet on my head rest. I'd also been annoyed by people sitting next to me, because their breath sometimes can kill. But, never before in my life have I met someone who sits 2 seats away from me is able to annoy me, until today...

So it happened on a lovely Sunday, where everyone was happily relaxing, recharging their energy after a long week of hard work; my parents decided to bring me along to midvalley to shop for luggage bags, and just drop by to watch a decent movie.

We chose to watch 翡翠明珠 because lam foong is in the movie ZOMG. And we happily chose seat numbers A01, A02, A03 just so that no one would be sitting behind us. So we can now avenge by kicking their seats repeatedly hohoho (we never did, I swear!).

Out of a sudden, dad stood up, whispered to mom and proceeded to find a new place to sit since there were plenty of empty spaces available. I was wondering why at 1st. And I quickly found out. The dude who sat at A04 is crap. I duno but I cannot find any other words that can match him other than crap or shit.

Diagram showing the distance between crap and me. I was at A01 and he was at A04.

The very 1st thing I heard was a loud BURP. Then I think to myself 'o..kay.. maybe he sliped while he was trying to burp silently'. Then the 2nd thing I heard was his demonic laugh. Okay it's a comedy film but if you really watch it it wasn't THAT funny. Not that I don't allow him to laugh but hoi, need to laugh that loud or not. And it's not those 'haha' laugh, but those 'huuuuu huuu huuuuuu' + deep voice laugh omg I really wanna kill him. And that was not it, the most annoying part was, he read the subtitle out! HELLO YOU ACTING AR NOW! Why the hell would you wanna repeat what the actors/actresses say??? FUCKING DULAN

Imagine that: burp + laugh + read subtitle aloud. Repeat burp + laugh + read subtitle aloud x20 times.

Even Barney from The Simpsons is better than him, or equally bad, I duno.

Once the movie ended we quickly exited cause every second being in the same room with him increases our killer instinct. NOT HAPPY!

As a conclusion, doesn't mean you can avoid annoying people by sitting at the furthest seat you can. If crap people are present in the same cinema room, they will somehow be able to fuck up the whole cinema. Regardless of where he sits. Position is no longer a factor.

That reminds me why I don't like to watch movie in the cinema.. =(

Should I thank god that he didn't fart?