When you're emotional, sourness doesn't have to be tasted with your tongue. My heart is sour, literally. I can feel it getting dehydrated as though after tasting a lemon. Like this emoticon >.<

It shouldn't be like that. I should be happy for thee, for thee have found the one, the one who can see thee (humming Avatar's "I See You").

When thee have thou seeing eye,
I hope thee does not look behind,
For I am still standing still,
Not moving an inch forward,
For the past have haunted me,
That I lose my will to walk,
Never let me hold back thou life,
Life's brief candle,
I am and will be fine,
For this is not my first time alone.

Wtf am I writing? If you can understand what this means, you're really a genius, because I myself couldn't analyze what I've written as well. I am guessing this whole post can be summarized into 1 sentence: I'm sad.

PS: When you see me standing there alone, do you mind accompanying me for awhile?
PPS: And if you're the one, you will hold my hand, and guide me to walk again, and that I will not be left behind again...

Chef's Special

It was supposed to be a happy day, until just now while I was uploading my photos into my blog and suddenly, firefox collapsed and now I have to wait 8932045672 seconds just to load those 5 photos, ta ma de. As if I have a lot of free time liddat fml.

So anyway I woke up late today to realize that it's already Sunday, aih why time flies when you're lazing around enjoying your weekends, WHY?? EMO!

Then I remembered my mom requested me to make her a butter cake because she wants to eat but she is lazy to make herself. Since I have so much time to kill I decided to make for her today see I so filial where got people so guai nowadays?? Anyhow she did comment about the cake saying that it's a little too moist but I duwan to choi her, later my mood bad lol.

I used the manual beater because I couldn't find the electrical one FML max. Tomorrow hand sure damn 7 pain. I even spilled some bicarbonate of soda because my hand was too tired and gave way suddenly T.T

From this

To this. See! This cake is 100% my own 血汗 some more wanna complain. Hmph!

So nice right? =D

Spilled some batter and flour on my phone. Later some ants nom away my ear while picking up calls >.<

And lastly a camwhore photo to end my post. Enjoy the photos longer cause I waited another 8932045672 seconds to re-upload them. Stupid firefox.

Hateful Post

Okay life doesn't seem to be fair to me. Fine life is not fair to anyone. Just when I was desperately hoping for something good to happen to me in my previous post, on the next day something extraordinary happened to me. Surprising, but not at all a pleasant one. I fucking scratched my car while intending to parallel park in my university fml.

I don't know who the hell changed the angle of my left wing mirror making it pointing more outwards until the extent I couldn't see my own car. Although I did adjust it back, but clearly I didn't adjust it properly because I definitely scratched my car, and it is never a small scratch. Made me emo siao during my lecture period and nothing went into my brain that day.

But I'm fine now, at least now that my car isn't 'brand new' anymore I'm no longer having the pressure fearing someone would scratch my car or something. Okay still got pressure but wont be so sam tong when I found another fresh mark on the car.

Enough of the car issue, back to now. I just received a message from my course mate whom I carpool everyday (I only do that because I live near him, and the fact that he's paying me for the ride) saying that his printer has no ink and wants me to help him print the notes for tomorrow for ALL subjects. Do you think he is crazy? Hello? Just because I drive you to classes everyday doesn't mean that I am your ah-mat okay? It's your own fault for failing to find out earlier that your printer has no ink and now you want me to help you wipe your ass? Some more saying that he would pay me back, seriously dude, money isn't everything to me okay. I'm not the person working in a stationary shop, what are you treating my house as?

Wa I used so many rhetorical questions. Anyway in short, I just want to say, go fuck yourself.

PS: Just to clarify I'm not usually that bad, unless I'm seriously being used like toilet papers in the toilet in shopping malls. The notes for ALL subjects are 100+ pages okay and I sat in front of the printer for an hour today just to finish printing and now he thinks he can just go to bed and let me do his dirty job? Ma de.

Worth Sharing

I like Avril Lavigne's song for the movie 'Alice in the Wonderland'. The lyrics are so meaningful and teach me to stay strong even when everything does not follow the way that you want it to be, especially the chorus part:

I, I'll get by
I, I'll survive
When the world's crashing down
When I fall and hit the ground
I will turn myself around
Don't you try to stop me
I, I won't cry
I wanna watch Alice in the Wonderland so badly!

Avril's black eyeliner makeup never fails to amaze me, and are those black hair extensions? Awesome!

And I found out that after classes have commenced, my life is no longer exciting nor interesting anymore. What I do everyday is downloading notes, printing notes, attending classes and facing jam on my way to uni FMLTHM! Please, let something good happen to me la.. *Puppy teary eye*

Not So Happening But Happening

Today was just a mediocre day.

The first day of the semester started today. Went to classes full of enthusiasm, sadly couldn't last more than an hour. By the second hour everyone kept yawning all thanks to the boring lecturer who talked about terminologies we had not heard before without explaining wtf they are. Anyways nothing interesting happened during the hours I was in university, just a typical boring first day.

Went home quite early cause didn't have practical today. Did some piano practice and exercised for 30 minutes (wow I'm actually moving my lazy bum). Okay la I was too bored until I went jogging -.-

Pampered my hair after shower and applied leave-on conditioner on it. Didn't make my hair smooth though, I suspect the product has already expired. Yucks omg. But it did make my hair look a lot lesser, which is good cause I will not be visiting any hair stylists for the near future. Wanna leave my hair long long until it is beyond shoulder length hohoho*fatt hao*.

BUT. Dunno why suddenly emo siao. I think I got some mental illness or something. After reading my bestie's blog, I became quiet. Am I being empathetic?

Or maybe I'm feeling 空虚... But I should get used to this feeling since I've been living like that for my past years.. Maybe I'm just over thinking things. Better go game than thinking stupid stuff.

And the drama finally begins. While I was printing my notes my shitass sis just decided to boss around with her stupid attitude that makes people want to slap her. I really had the urge to but I didn't. Instead I went to my room and hit the table. Yea stupid. And then my bro came in and said that my temper is bad. Whatever, at least I tried releasing stress by not hurting anyone, just bear with the sound la!

And since the emoness kicked I cried silently.. But now I'm all good.

It's Not Love

Sometimes, when others are in love..
Will your mind tells you..
That instead of waiting to be loved..
I should try to love again?

Probably I'm just jealous.