When you're emotional, sourness doesn't have to be tasted with your tongue. My heart is sour, literally. I can feel it getting dehydrated as though after tasting a lemon. Like this emoticon >.<

It shouldn't be like that. I should be happy for thee, for thee have found the one, the one who can see thee (humming Avatar's "I See You").

When thee have thou seeing eye,
I hope thee does not look behind,
For I am still standing still,
Not moving an inch forward,
For the past have haunted me,
That I lose my will to walk,
Never let me hold back thou life,
Life's brief candle,
I am and will be fine,
For this is not my first time alone.

Wtf am I writing? If you can understand what this means, you're really a genius, because I myself couldn't analyze what I've written as well. I am guessing this whole post can be summarized into 1 sentence: I'm sad.

PS: When you see me standing there alone, do you mind accompanying me for awhile?
PPS: And if you're the one, you will hold my hand, and guide me to walk again, and that I will not be left behind again...


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