Worth Sharing

I like Avril Lavigne's song for the movie 'Alice in the Wonderland'. The lyrics are so meaningful and teach me to stay strong even when everything does not follow the way that you want it to be, especially the chorus part:

I, I'll get by
I, I'll survive
When the world's crashing down
When I fall and hit the ground
I will turn myself around
Don't you try to stop me
I, I won't cry
I wanna watch Alice in the Wonderland so badly!

Avril's black eyeliner makeup never fails to amaze me, and are those black hair extensions? Awesome!

And I found out that after classes have commenced, my life is no longer exciting nor interesting anymore. What I do everyday is downloading notes, printing notes, attending classes and facing jam on my way to uni FMLTHM! Please, let something good happen to me la.. *Puppy teary eye*


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