Not So Happening But Happening

Today was just a mediocre day.

The first day of the semester started today. Went to classes full of enthusiasm, sadly couldn't last more than an hour. By the second hour everyone kept yawning all thanks to the boring lecturer who talked about terminologies we had not heard before without explaining wtf they are. Anyways nothing interesting happened during the hours I was in university, just a typical boring first day.

Went home quite early cause didn't have practical today. Did some piano practice and exercised for 30 minutes (wow I'm actually moving my lazy bum). Okay la I was too bored until I went jogging -.-

Pampered my hair after shower and applied leave-on conditioner on it. Didn't make my hair smooth though, I suspect the product has already expired. Yucks omg. But it did make my hair look a lot lesser, which is good cause I will not be visiting any hair stylists for the near future. Wanna leave my hair long long until it is beyond shoulder length hohoho*fatt hao*.

BUT. Dunno why suddenly emo siao. I think I got some mental illness or something. After reading my bestie's blog, I became quiet. Am I being empathetic?

Or maybe I'm feeling 空虚... But I should get used to this feeling since I've been living like that for my past years.. Maybe I'm just over thinking things. Better go game than thinking stupid stuff.

And the drama finally begins. While I was printing my notes my shitass sis just decided to boss around with her stupid attitude that makes people want to slap her. I really had the urge to but I didn't. Instead I went to my room and hit the table. Yea stupid. And then my bro came in and said that my temper is bad. Whatever, at least I tried releasing stress by not hurting anyone, just bear with the sound la!

And since the emoness kicked I cried silently.. But now I'm all good.


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