Chef's Special

It was supposed to be a happy day, until just now while I was uploading my photos into my blog and suddenly, firefox collapsed and now I have to wait 8932045672 seconds just to load those 5 photos, ta ma de. As if I have a lot of free time liddat fml.

So anyway I woke up late today to realize that it's already Sunday, aih why time flies when you're lazing around enjoying your weekends, WHY?? EMO!

Then I remembered my mom requested me to make her a butter cake because she wants to eat but she is lazy to make herself. Since I have so much time to kill I decided to make for her today see I so filial where got people so guai nowadays?? Anyhow she did comment about the cake saying that it's a little too moist but I duwan to choi her, later my mood bad lol.

I used the manual beater because I couldn't find the electrical one FML max. Tomorrow hand sure damn 7 pain. I even spilled some bicarbonate of soda because my hand was too tired and gave way suddenly T.T

From this

To this. See! This cake is 100% my own 血汗 some more wanna complain. Hmph!

So nice right? =D

Spilled some batter and flour on my phone. Later some ants nom away my ear while picking up calls >.<

And lastly a camwhore photo to end my post. Enjoy the photos longer cause I waited another 8932045672 seconds to re-upload them. Stupid firefox.


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