Easter Break (to catch up my breath)

It has been awhile since i last uploaded something on this blog and honestly I even thought of not writing anything here anymore but I still came back anyways for no reason, so this may be a resurrection post who knows? :P

So I realized that ever since I arrived Australia I only wrote a post to confirm that I'm still alive lol. That's why I'm gonna compile everything that I'd been through throughout these 3 month, even though it wouldn't be as detailed since I'd mostly forgot about everything.

Okay maybe not, after reminiscing those things that I did, they don't seem very exciting or what, just like going to fortitude valley ar, west end ar, sunny bank ar and stuff. So I decided to upload photos about the trip I joined during my midsem break.



got overseas der romantic feel bo? :D


on my way to moreton island

see how the water sparkleeeeeeeee

turquoise colored water

and we reached the island finally

spotted this alien looking flower near the beach, it's actually the flower of passion fruit!

shouldn't save as much on food while you're on a trip right? :D



fair ghost ><

$11.90 nasi lemak, eat until wanna cry

toufu far~ so nostalgic to have this out of Malaysia


Finally after 3 weeks of waiting and waiting, the Telstra people had finally came and installed a line in our premise, which means finally I get to online in my house, inside my bedroom!! muaks to whoever who deserves it.

Actually it's very inefficient of them to install the internet cause it took hell lot of time for them to just come n settle with the line. Plus they'd already ffk me once since they were supposed to come and fix it last Wednesday and I waited and no one came. They should pay me some fees for letting me to wait and unable to proceed my day lo!

So anyway everything is fine. Just some bits and pieces went wrongthat everyone might have encountered throughout their lifetime, so no biggies.


My hairdresser calls this haircut 基佬头 LMAO

Sad? Read This


You just have to get used to the fact that not everyday is a perfect day~ So chill and get a cup of Mojito =D


What happened before CNY and during my internship. Just to bright things up a little bit.

@ Pasta de Gohan



@ Pasta Zanmai

The salmon slices are just so good even it's cooked. Most salmons become very rough once it's cook but this 1 is so soft just like raw 1 and has that slight cooked aroma can melt~



@ Levain during my last day of internship


Crazy thick mushroom soup with so many mushrooms inside and chicken cubes too



Spent my CNY in grandparents' house while parents went for a trip to China and left us here. This phenomena has been happening continuously for a few years and they will only come back to worship the sky (拜天宫). Luckily Sunday I will be having a gathering with my friends

Murphy's Law - Shit happens

Today was the day that I would like to tell some stories that happened to me within a day. It's so happening and if it happens everyday I will die from drama flood.

So today we planned to have a surprise lunch to celebrate one of our colleague's birthday, and one of the lady (which is not part of the company, but just works next cubicle to ours) was following the plan as well since she knows everyone in the company (3 people only) quite well. And I was being assigned to drive her and my friend to Subang parade's TGIF.

We left earlier by 15 minutes because we still had to get a cake on our way, and so the drama came once we met at the lobby. While walking to my car she asked 'How long do we need to take to walk to your car?' At first I thought it's only been less than 5 minutes of walk, is it tiring or something? Okay la I didn't think anymore further cause you know la, girls ma, high heels, pain, can't walk long, and stuff.

On our way to Friday's, she directed us to the wrong way, when we reached, she said 'yea that's exactly what I was talking about', and my friend already felt something weird was happening, but I was too stupid to realize anything at that point of time.

Ok lo reached car park, she then insisted us to park outdoor (cause it's nearer to Friday's). When we went outdoor, no parking, she said 'why not you guys drop me off in front of Friday's and you find a parking together, remember to find an outdoor one ya!' Once she left my friend straight went wtf and commented on every bits and pieces, then my rage and anger started to build. I didn't feel like fetching her back to the office, I don't want to be locked in a small space with her I so hate her right now for complaining so much and stuff.

Next story:

We overheard boss talking to her daughter and asking her whether if she's eaten and how was it yada yada. And my friend just spoke to me (in Chinese) that she herself wouldn't be as caring when she had a daughter in future. Then I replied (in Chinese) 'if you do that your daughter will straight say that you're annoying.

Now, the colleague who sits beside me said 'Did you know that our boss knows how to speak Chinese?' I was like wat de fuk dude you should have told us like a century ago, not 2 days before we are leaving for our internships. I don't exactly know what people are thinking nowadays. But let's just hope that the boss managed to hear the entire story instead of only hearing me saying 'annoying' and misunderstood me for saying that she's annoying. -.-

Story #3:

I was playing with my dog in the kitchen when suddenly my beloved asshole brother brought his gf back home. Obviously when there's a stranger in the house, dogs will usually roar at them and so mine did. And what that gf of his did was hiding behind my bro's back. Hello if you're afraid of it you should have walked out of his sight, not hiding so near that it can chew you up okay!

What my bro did was asking me in a nasty tone to secure my dog. You should have secured your gf in the 1st place mother fucker. Anyway the 1st greeting word I said to his gf was 'HAIH'. I literally looked at her in the face and sighed, and I still cannot believe it. Lol

And my day ended with my dad winding up the car window and hit my chin while i was looking out of the car. I replied him with a 'thank you'.

The end.

Pommes Frites

After working at MABiC for 2 weeks, this is the 1st time we actually took the trouble to go Sunway to have our lunch instead of that lousy cafeteria of ours. However, that other 2 colleagues were not present, dunno where they went to lepak and had fun.







And I bought my first earring today, so excited to change it now lol, but I'm still at work now.. =(

Oh and I pierced one of my ears.

Monitor this you Fug

I don't like people standing behind me viewing what I'm doing with my laptop without my permission. It's fucking inconsiderate and invading my privacy.

Oh sure those culprit will definitely say fucking stupid stuff like 'Oh~ If you're not guilty of possessing anything in your laptop you wouldn't be defensive' and shitty nonsense like that. So what if I'm defensive over my property? Oh yea I'm watching porn now and if you don't mind I'd like to be alone while masturbating. And stop spying on what websites I go. I can list them down here for you.


Well those are the ones I visited during working hours and while that inconsiderate spy's looking, not that I'm a boring dude who only visits these 3 websites. And imagine that, even those websites she (yes a she) wanna spy on. Hello it's not top secret stuff like where's Obama going to have his high tea at or something. Go view your facebook account, I'm in your friends list (unfortunately) and you're welcome to spy on wtv that is written there.

Let me tell you what you pc monitoring bastards. If you wanna spy on other people's pc, do it without people noticing, NOT WHEN SOMEONE IS ALREADY NOTICING AND TRYING TO CLOSE THE BROWSER/DESKTOP AND YOU STAND THERE STUPIDLY AND TELL THEM 'Oh is he/she your friend? cause I saw you viewing his/her facebook profile!' Yes I know you know that we are friends cause I know that you are looking at my pc and that's why I'm hiding everything away from you. Get it? Don't get it? Seriously wtf is wrong?

'Wow you already added him as a friend in facebook? But you guys just knew each others for 4 days!' None of your business asshole. Yes I like adding people in facebook, does it matter to you? Will it kill your brain cells? No. So fuck off from my computer.


Lok Mun Law says

Aaron Yap says
no, drowned

Lok Mun Law says
is uq under the water?

Aaron Yap says

Lok Mun Law says
under the sea~ under the sea~

Aaron Yap says
its river
and u damn lame

Lok Mun Law says
how do u live?

Aaron Yap says
eating edible food

Lok Mun Law says
where u buy?

Aaron Yap says
so i can get the essential nutrition in my body
breathing air that has an appropriate concentration on oxygen
so my body can metabolize food

Lok Mun Law says
where u buy that edible food?

Aaron Yap says
thus getting energy for me to maintain my "living"
grocery stores

Lok Mun Law says
wow i tot they would run out of stock or something
u row boat?

Aaron Yap says
your a fucking idiot aren't you? =_=
i went sarcasm for so long
and u still thought i am telling the truth
and u ask dumb questions
like seriously?

Lok Mun Law says
as long as ur okay

Aaron Yap says
my place is not affected
i went grocery shopping before the flood came
my place is near the river
but at high ground
thats simple answer >_>
and who the hell row boat to buy groceries
at that condition, who the hell will open for u to get groceries

Lok Mun Law says
haha maybe i am being sarcastic
who knows

Aaron Yap says
then u extremely deserve to get scolded by me

Lok Mun Law says

Aaron Yap says
not in the mood now
try talking to me on the weekends

Lok Mun Law says

I dunno why I just felt like sharing this. Not to say that I'm completely innocent but... erm I guess I'm lost for words.

My New Camera

I just gotten myself a Sony Cybershot TX-5 for my Australia study trip~


Went Broga hill on new year's eve~



Beautiful sunrise =)

This is just for fun.

I love my Sony tx-5 =)))