Monitor this you Fug

I don't like people standing behind me viewing what I'm doing with my laptop without my permission. It's fucking inconsiderate and invading my privacy.

Oh sure those culprit will definitely say fucking stupid stuff like 'Oh~ If you're not guilty of possessing anything in your laptop you wouldn't be defensive' and shitty nonsense like that. So what if I'm defensive over my property? Oh yea I'm watching porn now and if you don't mind I'd like to be alone while masturbating. And stop spying on what websites I go. I can list them down here for you.

Well those are the ones I visited during working hours and while that inconsiderate spy's looking, not that I'm a boring dude who only visits these 3 websites. And imagine that, even those websites she (yes a she) wanna spy on. Hello it's not top secret stuff like where's Obama going to have his high tea at or something. Go view your facebook account, I'm in your friends list (unfortunately) and you're welcome to spy on wtv that is written there.

Let me tell you what you pc monitoring bastards. If you wanna spy on other people's pc, do it without people noticing, NOT WHEN SOMEONE IS ALREADY NOTICING AND TRYING TO CLOSE THE BROWSER/DESKTOP AND YOU STAND THERE STUPIDLY AND TELL THEM 'Oh is he/she your friend? cause I saw you viewing his/her facebook profile!' Yes I know you know that we are friends cause I know that you are looking at my pc and that's why I'm hiding everything away from you. Get it? Don't get it? Seriously wtf is wrong?

'Wow you already added him as a friend in facebook? But you guys just knew each others for 4 days!' None of your business asshole. Yes I like adding people in facebook, does it matter to you? Will it kill your brain cells? No. So fuck off from my computer.


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