A Time for Breath, but Emo

It was a busy week. Well, not really. Having to submit a report in a week's time is no biggie compared to those who have to hand in 6 assignments once their 2 week holiday ends. Too bad it was a scientific report, which I had to include junks of terms that I'm not very sure what they actually mean. That aside, one of my group mates were so hardworking (or in the Malaysian's term: kiasu) she asked us to search for journals relating to our objective of the report, even before the start of the experiment. Funny, if you don't know what variables are you using how could you search a specific journal? But neeway I'm totally fine with that idea, until I got sick.

I had a severe stomachache, which pain was periodic. But once it comes, I couldn't even walk. I suspected food poisoning. My friend thought it was gastric, but it didn't get any better once the gastric pills were taken, it was confirmed.

The next day, I had a fever. I was freezing in the lab until the extent of wearing 2 lab coats. I could wake up in the middle of the night shivering once the medicine passed its time. How could I possibly cope with all these while having to submit the report? Medicine. The paracetamol I took for the past week were uncountable.

Luckily everything went down days before the dateline. And today was the official submission day. I could finally take a breath.

Ironically, I got a little emo for some reason. Typical reason. 'He has it, I oso wan~~'. Get the idea? Like small kids. I thought substituting something over the thing you want would decrease your temptation, but once the craving is there, it will remain, until you forget. As though substituting an apple with an orange. They are both fruits, but they're just different. Point of satisfaction? Zero. I also wan durian runtuh~~~

And when I wanna find someone to talk to, there is no one. Friday night and I'm alone. Okay la someone asked me out but I didn't sleep yesterday to finish my report so I declined.

Where are you when I need you the most, msn buddy?

Never Fails to Amaze Me

No matter how many times I baked a cake, be it butter, cheese, or sponge, it never fails to amaze me that how simple ingredients can transform into a cake.

Something as simple as eggs

After whisking for 5 minutes. Eh, why slightly whiter than the usual beaten eggs we use to cook scrambled eggs one?

After adding sugar and more whisking. Wtf even whiter, like snow white!

Add butter + flour, become the usual batter texture.

And pimply cake as a final product.

I still don't get why beating the mixture will change the texture and color one? Try mixing everything at once and bake without whisking and see if the end product is edible or not xD


Just when everyone else turn their back against you, you know that I'll never reject you, and that's why you wanna make up with me. Well guess what, I still accept you anyways, after all those things that you've done. Congratulations, now I feel so stupid..

Well, since this blog is meant to make me think positive, I should look from the other perspective. At least now I have 1 more friend and less 1 enemy right? right? right??