Sekinchan Day 1

The two-day-one-night trip ended pretty quickly I think, we did not really have enough time to finish what we had planned ahead, but yet it was very fully packed with unforgettable events (okay they are forgettable because I have some short term memory disorder so I will blog everything to keep myself reminded).

The paddy fields are bald after the harvesting season. Does not look like the photo in my previous post.

Departed in mid afternoon, we reached to our rented terrace house around dusk. Then we spent several times doing the typical three-point-turn on the narrow streets as we found out that the restaurants were closed on Thaipusam.

After eating and chilling, we proceeded to the firefly viewing destination. Unfortunately no photos could be taken because it is prohibited to avoid disturbing their habitat and lifestyle. And I have to tell you, it is awesome to see them settling down on the only special trees they depend on their life upon. They look like the fancy light bulbs we have on our Christmas tree, except that they have the same color and the blinking lights are relatively smaller, and there were plenty of them (not as many as last time according to many people).

This is a little more exaggerating than what we saw that day. But cannot take photos.

I still could not recall my mom bringing me here when I was young before, and it is definitely a different experience to have your friends sitting on the boat talking crap and laughing while keeping our tones down. The full moon on the 30th of January 2010 is far most the best accompanied by the blinking lights of these little creatures. And sometimes their shimmering are in sync!
As the boat goes by, a firefly flew near to me and I tried putting the back of my palm near it (I did not touch it!). And surprisingly the small glow was able to illuminate a part of my hand with a fade white light. The scenery around is like a smaller version of "Avatar", well that is the closest thing on Earth that looks like what is being portrayed in the movie.

Our first day ended with us playing card games and falling asleep at 1am. See? 24 hours is never enough when you are having fun! But it was still nice nevertheless. =D


This is most probably my last trip of the year, okay maybe not since I will have another long break on December, it's so far away from now so I will treat it as the next year.

And this time we are going to Sekinchan. Don't go like 'whoa so many places to choose why whould you choose a place where nothing nice can be seen'. The main point of this trip should be just eat, eat and eat. Exactly, Sekinchan is at the port (I think) and this place is famous for seafood (I think). Ah I don't remember la! The last time I went I was so young I could not remember anything. Wait. Maybe I didn't go to this place before. Whatever I am going tomorrow!

Okay I googled and Sekinchan is said to be like this:

Credit to the person whose name written on the photo itself

Looks nice, should not be as bad as what my mom described to me just now: hot and nothing to see.

I only started packing 12 hours before the departure time. It's good to be spontaneously laid-back sometimes. Just hope that nothing essential is left behind.

Off to Sekinchan, bye bye busy city life =)

The Start

This could be the start of something new~

Okay I'm back to my sane self. So, here I am, starting my own new blog, letting the world to read about my personal life -.-

Blogging is not a new thing to me. In fact I once had a blog before, and it is now inactive. The reason why I dumped my blog was because my family stalked my blog, and at that unfortunate moment I was blogging about some complications between me and my other family members (heck, it is my freedom to write whatever I want *except sensitive issues of course*). In fact, I am fine that if they read my blog, they have the freedom to read too! But I just do not adore them bringing up my blog content when we are having a decent meal together and wanting me to explain what is wrong to them. Even worse, they get frustrated when I blog about the things they made that pisses me off, saying that I should not tell the world about those things wtf.

Oh and I tried changing my blog's url, but they are some clever bunch of peeps and managed to track it down again. So I created for myself a pen name this time to minimize the risk of being tracked, and I choose the name of Johann.

Why Johann? Because I am currently watching a Taiwanese drama, and it talks about a song Johann Sebastian Bach played and inspired them to live their lives to the fullest and yada yada. So yea, I know it is corny, leave me alone.

I hope this brigher site will truly bring the brighter side out of me. That should explain the colourful skin I chose. I'm tired of being bipolar anymore!

And I start my first post with a smile =)

Welcome, thanks for dropping by, do come back soon, entrance is free after all! =DDD