The Start

This could be the start of something new~

Okay I'm back to my sane self. So, here I am, starting my own new blog, letting the world to read about my personal life -.-

Blogging is not a new thing to me. In fact I once had a blog before, and it is now inactive. The reason why I dumped my blog was because my family stalked my blog, and at that unfortunate moment I was blogging about some complications between me and my other family members (heck, it is my freedom to write whatever I want *except sensitive issues of course*). In fact, I am fine that if they read my blog, they have the freedom to read too! But I just do not adore them bringing up my blog content when we are having a decent meal together and wanting me to explain what is wrong to them. Even worse, they get frustrated when I blog about the things they made that pisses me off, saying that I should not tell the world about those things wtf.

Oh and I tried changing my blog's url, but they are some clever bunch of peeps and managed to track it down again. So I created for myself a pen name this time to minimize the risk of being tracked, and I choose the name of Johann.

Why Johann? Because I am currently watching a Taiwanese drama, and it talks about a song Johann Sebastian Bach played and inspired them to live their lives to the fullest and yada yada. So yea, I know it is corny, leave me alone.

I hope this brigher site will truly bring the brighter side out of me. That should explain the colourful skin I chose. I'm tired of being bipolar anymore!

And I start my first post with a smile =)

Welcome, thanks for dropping by, do come back soon, entrance is free after all! =DDD


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