This is most probably my last trip of the year, okay maybe not since I will have another long break on December, it's so far away from now so I will treat it as the next year.

And this time we are going to Sekinchan. Don't go like 'whoa so many places to choose why whould you choose a place where nothing nice can be seen'. The main point of this trip should be just eat, eat and eat. Exactly, Sekinchan is at the port (I think) and this place is famous for seafood (I think). Ah I don't remember la! The last time I went I was so young I could not remember anything. Wait. Maybe I didn't go to this place before. Whatever I am going tomorrow!

Okay I googled and Sekinchan is said to be like this:

Credit to the person whose name written on the photo itself

Looks nice, should not be as bad as what my mom described to me just now: hot and nothing to see.

I only started packing 12 hours before the departure time. It's good to be spontaneously laid-back sometimes. Just hope that nothing essential is left behind.

Off to Sekinchan, bye bye busy city life =)


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