The F

It is time where blogging is the only way (well at least to me) to express your darkest feelings. Wasn't long ago since someone dropped the F bomb on me for an insignificant matter, and damn it was such a tiny thing that you can just laugh your ass off instead of being a total jerk, not cool mate.

And guess what happened to cause my own big bro (note: BIG bro) to verbally attack me? Game. Yes we were playing an online game. God I swear games are evil. We always get into fights while playing games. Never once I feel happy playing computer games with anyone, unless sports that wear off your muscles (cause you'll be too tired to even get mad lol).

So anyway, that incident happened like this:

2nd bro: This place is too hard to level.
Big bro: Don't go then
(After 2 minutes)
Big bro: Why didn't your 2nd bro suggest another place to level?
Me: Cause you didn't ask him.
Big bro: I did. Read what I'd written just now. (Referring to that "don't go then" sentence)
Me: Well to me that doesn't seem to be like a question. It sounds more like a sentence.
Big bro: Fuck you both. <------Wtf?

(He was expecting us to think the way he interpreted his own sentence. What he meant was actually "Don't go, then? Where else you gonna suggest?")

Yes. I know. Total random. Not to mention pathetic at the same time. It's you own fault for failing to type a simple question mark. One simple thing that will change the whole meaning of the sentence. Are question marks so hard to type???????????? Well I just typed 12 of them, doesn't look like I'm suffering from the carpal tunnel syndrome. And you dare to insult us verbally while clearly, it is your own fucking fault? I should be the one dropping the F word instead!

That I got pissed. Yet he dared to ask me why I was mad. Ah, I guess there really are no cure for stupidity.

I know it is inappropriate to type such things here because obviously it was a shit ass small matter but I just couldn't stand myself for letting such stupid thing to happen on myself, and that I should be blamed for letting him to get the chance to sabotage me.

But then, what are the ways to prevent this from happening? I couldn't possibly do anything since I'm the little brother, and it is funny to rant such thing to the mom saying that big bro's bullying me. That is just for little kids, and I'm not little anymore, and nor is my big bro, although somehow his attitude and state of mind tell me that he is not 26 years old.. So my only solution is to blog about it, just to remind myself that such silly things is still happening to me, a 20-year-old. What a mad world...


PS: I'm not sad. I think I'm starting to get used to this.. After all we've been living together for the past 20 years..
PPS: You're sane if you don't understand what I was ranting about. There was nothing to rant. I was ranting on air. -.-


hsiang said...

hey long time no visit!

more family drama huh...

maybe ur bro didn't meant it as an insult, more like saying it casually.. you know like tung tung always say bad words but she doesn't really mean to insult. just a habit..

gosh i hope she doesn't read this.. i mean it in a good way tung! :P

Johann Law said...

When someone's kidding, you can see it through his/her action. And I clearly saw that he was looking quite pissed at that moment so yea. But I'm all good now =D

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