A Guy Wearing Colored, Big Eyed Contact Lens?

I'd gotten my lenses last Friday but I was too lazy to post it (picture post also lazy wtf). But since I promised so I'm doing it right now see I so good keep my promise.

My Plano lenses. Guess what are their names!

They are nudy blue from Geo!

Anticipating for the 4 hours soaking process to past.

And they are finally in my eyes! With flash.

Without flash.

These are my first geo lenses. And according to one of my friends, geo lenses are normally thicker than other conventional lenses from the optical stores. But when I first held them in my hands I found out that they are actually thinner than my gng lens. So I was very surprised that these yearly lenses are quite soft. But as usual, I can still feel that the lenses are in my eyes, and it seems that I'm the only one who has this problem. So I'm guessing that it's because I'm a noob in wearing contact lenses. After 3 days of wearing them, the feeling slightly disappears now.

And in my opinion, the color does not really show under normal lighting. What can be observed is that there is a slight change in your eye color, not dramatic I would say. Sometimes the blue looks more like a gray. The color only will show when you're taking photo using the flash mode.

Some more they do not really follow the movement of my eyeballs. Whenever you are not looking forward (looking up or at the side), you will notice that the whites of your eyes are visible in your contacts.


So in my conclusion, this geo nudy is just mediocre. But I still like it anyway cause it's blue! Or else I wouldn't buy it if not for the color.

One last big ass photo of my eye.

And lastly happy chinese new year and happy valentine's day.

UPDATE: Okay I think the color is very dramatic now, and I'm starting to fall for it. So those review I made above was really based on personal opinion. You wouldn't know if you don't try them out. So just go ahead and try them =D


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