I Can't Think Of A Title So I Named It 'Chapalang'

Today is definitely a good day because nothing bad is going on although it is a little annoying to listen to my brother singing in the shower while typing this post. Okay now he is shouting his song in his room wtf.

I tried setting my alarm at 8 o'clock in the morning to exercise in order to eliminate my body fat that has been accumulating for the past few weeks due to excessive gatherings (with nice irresistible oily fat greasy food, not to mention expensive and now my wallet is under malnutrition fml). But instead I snoozed my alarm gao gao until it gave up snoozing anymore and I continued sleeping until 3.00pm. Maybe my biological clock is not meant for Malaysia's time zone.

Still I did my exercise in the evening while watching Astro's Hitz channel's MTV. Some of the songs are just horrible in my opinion. After 40 minutes (with 35 minutes of fast pace walking and 5 minutes of jogging I know I am lousy I don't need anyone to remind me go away) exercising on a treadmill with my height increasing shoes (not from giraffe they are too expensive), I hope that it will bring my body weight down. Even it did not sound too intense for an exercise, but I did sweat a lot. So hopefully I am dedicated enough to continue my routine for the next 5 more days. Yes only for 5 more days before Chinese New Year hits. What? You think I will continue doing this for the rest of my life? Ha!

And I received an sms from my friend that my brand new contact lenses are already here! Finally I hear good news after so many weeks I'd ordered from her friend. Although only a pair arrived (I ordered 2 pairs), I still am very happy~! Will definitely show them off once I receive them from her.

Besides that I also received an sms from that guy whom I helped moving his house, saying that he needs my help to make an access card in order for him to move in and out easily in his new apartment. Don't you think he is going a little overboard? I feel that he is very dependent on me and sometimes it makes me feel frustrated. We agreed to be god brothers but I don't recall me asking him for any help, and now he is giving me loads of this crap. I am totally aware that he's working from 8 to 5 but just try your best to solve your own problem before asking any help from me okay? I have my own problems too! So I didn't reply his message not merely because of me getting a little pissed but also I didn't know what to reply to him. Haha!

Lastly I popped all the 4 pimples just cause I couldn't tahan anymore. I don't care that it will form scar later on, my face has so many scars already so wtv. I am still happy =)


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