I just watched this film, it's a homosexual movie which merely its title interested me to take the trouble to watch it.

amphetamine cover

For the first 30 minutes I kept telling myself why did I waste my time watching this movie? It did not really grab my attention, but I kept watching it since I had nothing better to do. It has plenty of gay nudity inside which may disgust some people, but I find it bearable still.

It's about a story of a gay guy meeting a straight addict which for some reason managed to turn him slightly gay and then become straight again and then I don't know what anymore. There are some parts that confuse me, like why did the gay guy have sex with a lady, and how could the lady just forgive the straight guy after he raped her, and stuff like that.

But the weird thing is after I'd finished watching the film, I got emotional. Not to say boohoo emotional, but quite strong to affect my gaming routine. When I thought about a sentence said in the movie, my mood got affected.

It says 没有戒不了的毒,只有戒不了的爱, which is quite contradicting to what happened in the story cause I presume that the drug addict did not manage to get rid of his dependent towards amphetamine, and then in the end he just jump down from the bridge and committed suicide (which I think is caused by the hallucination after taking the drug). So I guess 毒 and 爱 can hardly be given up. Sigh I don't know why, but whenever I think of the sentence which does not tally with the storyline, I will get moody. WEIRD. Anyway there are plenty of abstracts in this movie which leaves the spectator to have their own imagination.

Maybe I'm sad cause they both couldn't get together, maybe it's cause of the bad ending, maybe it's the drug addiction, or the rape incident, but who knows, even I don't know. I still have 1 question though, to the drug addict, why did you commit suicide? It's a question that can never be answered since I'm not a friend of the producer or something lol.


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