And the results were finally out. It's totally out of what I'd predicted previously based on my method of studying. I just got a mere passing grade for all of my subjects. Not a credit, not even higher, just a pass.

'Well, as long as you passed, that's all that matter', people would usually tell me this to comfort me, but deep down somewhere there's this little voice that says 'it's not okay to just pass, aim higher!', and yeap, that should be the reality of life. Passing the course is not an option, getting a good grade is.

Unless if I don't plan to further my studies anymore and just stick to Bachelor of Science, yes just passing may be the minimal requirement, but what if I plan to pursue dentistry, or maybe physiotherapy? It's now not the matter of passing or not. The requirements are tremendous. They need an overall D grade to at least be able to apply, and that's not a guaranteed 100% enrollment too, and D stands for distinction, not that D grade we used to hear in primary or secondary schools.

So in UQ, a mere pass stands for the grade of 4. I got three 4s. 444. I hit the jackpot, but not 777 (HD), I got 444(P).

Just went to a gathering and heard quite a number of my friends talking about getting good grades and stuff. Yea I should congratulate them, but at the same time I wanna find a hole and hide myself and never come back out again and hopefully someone will fill up the hole with soil together with me or something.

What I cannot stand most is when someone gets a better grade than I am and kept complaining that they should get a higher grade. It's like getting a 90% out of 100 and questioning themselves why can't they get 100%. I don't mind that they have that thought because everyone should aim high, but why complain to me when I myself already feel like dying, do you want me to cheer you up? What about me? Who's cheering me up?

Sometimes people have problem but they themselves forget that other people too have their own problems.

Anyway let's just hope that I will get a better score in my 3rd year and hopefully everything will go according to plan. Ups and downs, they're just parts of life.


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