And so, finally after refusing to walk into the saloon for 7 months, I'd decided to cut my hair. At first that stylist asked if I wanna cut it or just trim it, and I asked my friend's opinion and so I decided to give my hair a cut. And I never thought it would end up like that.

That dude promised me he would give me a normal yet 'stylish' haircut but when I got back home everyone was like 'omg what have you done to your hair???'. Well, in a bad way of course, or else I wouldn't be unhappy. This hairstyle makes me inferior, this hairstyle makes me unhappy, this hairstyle makes people laugh at me, and this hairstyle embarrasses me. Sure, maybe it looks good after having to apply chunks of clay and tonnes of spray, but that means I would have to do all that just before stepping out of the doorstep. I AM NOT HAPPY!

After 7 months of not visiting the saloon and now I get is this? If that's the case I would rather people mistaken me as a girl than having them commenting on my tedious hair.

Okay I'm starting to get a little confused cause my good friend thinks that it looks fine but all my other family members think it sucks.

I miss my long hair =(

My blurgh haircut

Without styling it looks like this.

Somehow I think this looks cute. I think pictures can't tell how exactly it looks like. Anyway since I already cut it might as well just live with it right? Somehow this topic is so debatable. I don't wanna care anymore.


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