Losing part of my wisdom 1

Today, I had one of my wisdom teeth removed. Everything was cool and fine initially, and suddenly the atmosphere changed as the nurse called my name. Walked into the room, and the nurse chatted with me, calming me down while telling me she had all her wisdom teeth removed at one shot. The bravery, how did she eat while having pain on both sides of her mouth?

Bring a reader of Xiaxue's blog, I remembered that she showed photos of her removed wisdom teeth. They weren't in complete pieces ; they were shattered. Okay maybe cut into smaller pieces. And that terrified me. Removed 4 of my teeth last time while doing braces, I never witness any cutting of tooth in order to pluck it out before. Surely damn horrifying.

And so I decided, to remove one side at a time. It has disadvantage and advantage too. The good thing? I still have one side of my teeth functioning so that I can still eat; and the bad thing? I have to visit the dentist for 1 freaking more round.

I closed my eyes while the doctor was checking my tooth, at least I thought he was checking my tooth. But I felt a sting on my gum. He already started injecting anesthetic into my gum. And the second shot came right after that. The nurse instructed me to rinse my mouth. It was bloody, I never thought injecting something would make me bleed that much, or at least I'd forgotten.

I was having my eyes shut most of the time during the procedure. I did open once in a while. The first time I saw the doctor taking piece of the tooth out from my mouth. And then I closed my eyes, opened again, I saw him stitching the wound with needle and thread. The sewing motion looked so scary, it's like u take a needle and poke into the flesh and sew it close.

And done. RM500 gone. After the anesthetic effect wore off, I could feel my face getting swollen, like after eating heaty food. The only difference is that it is painful. Next week I will have my stitches remove. Dunno how much will the doctor charge me again. Damn this career is so rewarding!

PS: Going karaoke tomorrow. Don't even know how am I going to open my mouth FML.


Ultraman Jino said...

i wish i dont have to see a dentist again. they rob >.<

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Johann Law said...

no la, maybe cause it's wisdom tooth and it's harder to take out so that's why it costs so much. But I still think it's too much =/

What am I talking -.-

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