Losing part of my wisdom 2

After a week. Stitches removed. Asked doctor whether if I could remove the other side of my wisdom teeth or not. I was lucky to have both my upper wisdom teeth intact, seems that they do not pose any threat to my mouth. Another 2 doses of LA and the left side of my face got numbed.

Wasn't as bad as the old one I pulled last time, this took only a short period of time. And the doctor only had to cut a piece of it in order to successfully remove the bugger. Stitched and done. I bit the gauze harder than before just so that the wound will stop bleeding faster. It worked, and to my surprise, this time my face wasn't swollen at all. 2 days passed and it doesn't feel as though I had one tooth missing at all. Very satisfied. Take that inflammation causing pathogens ,,|,,

This one looks even worse than the previous one. I can see the crown starting to decay oh my lady.

Grand total. RM1k gone. Luckily the doctor didn't charge for removing the stitches T_T


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