New Haircut

Yet again. But this time I love my haircut! Finally it's been awhile since I had a haircut which I don't need other people to tell me whether it looks shitty or nice or whatever because I LOVE IT!

Wondering aimlessly while doing physiology lab report.

So short! but me love~

Pretending to work on my report

More pretending xD

On the other hand, my 2nd year's 2nd semester is coming to an end. Today I just finished my last genetics essay wuuhoo. Now what is left is just the 5th genetics MCQ and I am done with all the science assignments. Unfortunately I was told to remember that I took business management, which means I still have a quiz and an essay waiting to be completed. Sucks max.

And I am so demotivated to start my studies although the first paper will commence on the 8th of November. Sigh, maybe I'm getting too old for studies -.-


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