Still Alive

I notice that I'd disappeared from blogging for the past weeks, or month? All thanks to the sudden burst of assignments.

So firstly I thought after finished with the biomed and micro report write-up I would be a free man. But noooo, those were just an indication of the start of the shit ass assignment month. We had biochem and biology and biomed write-up due at the same day, which was mad crazy we even begged the biomed lecturer to postpone the write-up so that we could concentrate on those two shits. And fortunately, he did, so after finishing biochem and biology, I rushed through to finish the biomed write-up only to realize that my marks has downgraded as compared to the first write-up I did. Anyways that was not the end of it, micro has another report due at the same week, which contributed my sleepless nights.. Just when I thought everything is over, we were required to hand in the micro lab notebook for marking, and that was worth 5% total, which is crap because obviously my notebook is shit, and that means that I have to redo another new notebook for it and make it look old. So while doing I kept scrolling the book so that it doesn't look new. What a drama.

Phew, even typing that paragraph above makes me sigh. But I am glad that everything is over, or is it...

Obviously it is not over yet. Still got finals ma. But I'm still glad that there will be no assignments for this semester anymore.

I've lost contact with the movie world for the whole month I only know there's a movie called Prince of Persia? Nevertheless I haven't watched it yet. Instead bgf and I opt for the movie 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' because my mom said that it's good (she's a fan of horror and thriller).

And seriously, it was scarier than 'Orphan'. The weird thing was that we were apparently the only 2 people who screamed and shouted, everyone else just seemed so calm. Not scary mehhh??? Boo =|

Anyway I remembered seeing this movie before, then after watching for 10 minutes I realized 'The Simpsons' did a parody of this movie in Season 7.

The Simpsons - Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace - View more free videos

So that explains why it looked so familiar.. Although I still like the original version rather than a parody.

I should be writing more frequently after my finals, or at least I hope.. Honestly it's gonna be a tough week next week =(


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