I just smelt my bro's crap


Anyway today we initially planned to have a paintball activity in the afternoon. However as we reached TTsports, the person in charge said that they are doing maintenance on the paintball stuff throughout the week. So lucky for us to choose that particular day eh? So in the end we decided to just head to Sunway Pyramid for bowling.

And gosh was my bowling skill sucked, I totally returned what I'd learned during high school to my friends. I'm so sorry. I just scored 32 marks for it. I hope that only applies for my bowling and not the semester results I will be receiving tomorrow.

To think that I once scored 107. So ironic.

肺话 废话

在这一个繁忙的社会, 往往想停一步吸口气放松一下都难.
但最让人痛苦的一见件事, 就是听人家讲废话.

Okay typing Chinese is really damn hard so I resort to just finish this post with a mix of Chinese and English. What I hate most (and there is such a person in my family which means I will have to deal with his crap until either one of us leaves the house or dies) is people talking 废话. By 废话 I don't mean those crap that makes you chuckle or something. There are surely many types of 废话, I am no expert in analyzing how many types there are but I can surely differentiate them into 2 categories, the ones that makes you ROFLMAO and the ones that annoys the shit out of you. Unfortunately, today I had to deal with the 2nd 废话.

Okay let's use my brother as a subject. So once he went to the toilet, and then he realized the light was not switched off, and he presumed that I was the one who didn't turn it off (I'm sure he had done 1000^793494 times forgetting to switch off the lights but I'm just too lazy to deal with his shit and start a fight with him so I'll usually let him be, but this is another topic to be discussed so I'll move forward to today's topic about 废话). Then he went and confronted me about the toilet light because his life is too free and he wanted to start a fight or something.

So now the 废话 comes in. He asked me 'why do you always forget to switch off the lights?' Can anyone tell me how to reply to this 废话? I surely couldn't, so I kept silent. And then came another shot of 废话. 'Why do I not hear a reply?'

Mad stupid I wanna smack his face. He was actually expecting a fucking answer from his 废话!!!! Actually if you interpret (it's a no brainer) his 1st 废话, he had already answer the question by himself.

'Why do you always forget to switch off the lights?'


This is the problem of our society I tell you! The pollution has made our lungs so full of crap and we started to crap 废话 out! Okay I don't know how to end this post already, so I'll just embed a video about 废话lization.

Done~ 1 more paper and I'll be a free man =)))


Got inspired by one of my friends to reminisce the past. So I might as well jot down my past since I might just forget everything one day.

Kindergarten (I only write down what I remembered and who knows it might not be exactly what had actually happened) :
Slept in the bus once and forgot to bring my bag home.
Lost my exercise book and found it under the car seat when mom was sending me to kindergarten, and got punished by teacher for not doing the work assigned.
Not willing to be punished and shouted in class, and that lady dragged me to another class and locked me in there. =/
Got my chicken pox when an infected kid went to school, subsequently everyone in the house got it too.
Got beaten by another teacher when I started drawing before everyone does.

Standard 1:
Got beaten when forgot to bring Chinese textbook, had to read the passage even while crying.
Got slapped by a kid in school.
Got bullied by a kid (at this point I realized I had not have one pleasant memory storing in my brain at all)

Every time when something happens to me, I will always tend to remember the one that has a negative impact on myself. It is as though my life is a mess but in fact it's not. There are definitely people out there who lead a terrible life, like x10000 more terrible than mine. I'm so selfish! *Punches myself*

I should store unpleasant AS WELL AS pleasant memories because they are equally precious. For example I brought 5 different flavors of 'My beauty diary' mask, an eye cream, a BB cream. Those are good stuff lol. I also got myself a new phone, and I have the chance to study in Aussie, that's a good thing too.

So I guess I'll continue my memory post another day, or maybe never since they are all bad memories =/

Lil update

Picture post before resuming back to my studies!

Saw the mannequin wearing this shirt and my first thought was omg so nice but can I wear it with style? Was reluctant to go into the shop because it seemed expensive but I was wrong! Didn't buy it anyway cause I was poor =(

I particular like the white version better but they didn't have the M size. So I tried the black one instead and I still love max because of that tie~ so cute xD

Fake models lol

Playing with friend's glasses while having tutorial~

More playing~~~ I like the full framed one better

Done! Back to study T_T